Thus, for Google Chrome Screenshots of Web Pages

With Google Chrome, the manufacturer proves that you can not only make a decent search engine on the legs, but also a functional and easy to use browser in the competition for the favor of users can send. Read here how interesting site content in Google Chrome can be hold by screenshots for eternity.

Screenshots of a web page can either create a keyboard shortcut or with an extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. It is advisable to make screenshots of Web pages when you z. B. interesting sections of a website still want to watch in several weeks or websites parts colleagues want to present by e-mail. With Google Chrome you have the ideal tool on the hard disk in order to allow websites present.

a screenshot manually in Google Chrome

Screenshots in Google Chrome can be easily via the "Alt" + "Print" create. After simultaneously pressing the two buttons, the image in the Windows clipboard is. Now open any image processing program in which you can insert the image from the clipboard. Here you can continue to cut and edit the image right. If you want to depict long web pages, you must first create individual screen shots of all sections and then assemble them by hand in the image processing program.

Google Chrome screenshot

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Screenshots in Google Chrome with extensions

Screenshots can be created also on certain extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Just go to the web store and search in the search window in the upper left corner to the "screenshot". Now you are shown some extensions for Google Chrome, which can quickly and easily create screenshots of web pages in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome screenshot

Advantage in the use of extension over manual creation of screenshots is the larger scope of action of the images. While one can only capture the current image section of Google Chrome for produced screenshots, screenshot extensions can take a picture even entire websites, even areas that are currently not visible. Use can also decide whether the screenshots to be stored locally on the hard disk or stored via upload online with the extensions.


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