PostIdent Form, cost, duration

In some cases, for. As when opening an account online or sending important personal documents, an identification of a particular person is necessary. To ensure a person onder an age, the German Post relies on the so-called "Postident" process.

PostIdent Form, cost, duration

About the post-identification process, it is checked whether the acceptor of the corresponding mail piece matches the printed receiver.

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PostIdent: identification and proof of age online

The post-identification method can be carried out in various ways:

  • Video chat
  • Per eID with new ID card
  • Per form in post office
  • By form by postman
  • Individually by postman
PostIdent Form, cost, durationThe identification can also be online via webcam. © German Post

As part of the order or task for which the verification of the person is required to obtain the necessary post-identification form. Shall ye z. can unlock as for watching streams from 18, the necessary PostIdent coupon from streaming provider as part of the application is available for download.

PostIdent Form, cost, durationThis must be completed. With the printed PostIdent form one then makes his way to the nearest post office. Alternatively, the form can also be passed at the handover of the document or the order to the postman at the door. is imperative in this case a valid identity card or passport. About your identity is matched if the data here correspond to the data on the post-identification document.

PostIdent: duration and cost

When using the post-identification process additional costs. These fees for the extra effort in identifying people however, are not usually passed to the end customer, but from suppliers such. As the account institution or the streaming provider worn.

  • The implementation of the identification takes at the front door usually only a few minutes.
  • The prerequisite for this course is that you are to be found at home when the postman rings the doorbell.
  • In the post office you also have to expect only a few minutes to process the coupons.
  • There, the employees of Deutsche Post checked your identity by identity card or passport and scans the PostIdent coupon.
  • In addition, you need your data confirm by signature.
  • The post office then forwards the form to the provider. As a rule, you should for processing by post from a few days to allow for.
  • Together with the PostIdent coupon the respective contract documents or requests can be sent with the same.

Those who want to save the path to the post office, can often use the PostIdent via webcam and the new ID card with enabled eID.

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