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Had Star Wars fans classic after the release of "Trilogy&# 8221; wait all the 16 years in replacement in the cinema, the time needed to release a further series of ten years was made shorter. With Star Wars: Episode XI the third trilogy comes from the Star Wars universe to its conclusion.

"Star Wars 9" is the third part of the new, initiated by Disney after the acquisition of Lucasfilm trilogy that 30 years after - is located "Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi". Rian Johnson ( "Looper"), which is already in &# 8220; Star Wars 8&# 8221; acts as a director and screenwriter, is intended for &# 8220; Star Wars 9&# 8243; participate at least on the script. the release date for Star Wars 9 is already clear well before the start of Episode VIII. Unlike its predecessors, it's not going in December. Instead, the starting date for the May 24, 2019 was announced.

Unlike the last two parts of it will not be able to sit in the director's chair. His role takes Colin Trevorrow. Trevorrow could make himself primarily as director of Jurassic World name.

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Star Wars 9: What will happen to Leia Carrie Fisher death?

Of course it is far too early for information about the plot of Star Wars: Episode 9, after all, is still the release of Star Wars 8 at. Pre-production began on 10 February 2016, the actual work on the film to be launched 2017th Originally, the Shooting begins on April 2017 was being considered. By the death of Carrie Fisher, however, the initial work had to be postponed. Leia should play a major role in Episode 9, which will now be rewritten. As a casting call can be inferred from the rotation start has now been postponed to July. The first scenes to be shot in the UK.

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Numerous sources reported a central Rolle Leia Organa in the ninth Star Wars movie. Not only the Star Wars fans were shocked by the news of the death of Carrie Fisher end 2016th It is still unclear how the death of Fisher in Star Wars is picked up 9 and to what extent the role of Leia Organa needs to be rewritten. In "Rogue One" Grand Moff Tarkin was shown digitally in the film.

Star Wars 9: Cast and Director

Even before Episode 8 appears in theaters, the work on the ninth part of course in full swing. Jack Thorne, who brought the stage version of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" on paper, is according to The Hollywood Reporter faced with the task of adapting the existing script again fundamentally. Derek Conolly and Colin Trevorrow provided the template. Trevorrow leads simultaneously directing, had for his last production "The Book of Henry" but listen a lot of criticism. A revision of the script is not unusual, after all, "The awakening of power" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" was also used subsequently applied hand.

Star Wars 9: Release 2019 &# 8211; Film without Carrie Fisher

Tarkin had, however, already in the original Star Wars trilogy a film appearance, the actor Peter Cushing died in 1994. To avoid having to explain why Tarkin suddenly is no longer in the movie, Cushing was placed in CGI form on the canvas. Quite possible that Carrie Fisher in this way in Star Wars: Episode integrates 9th The decision on this was also in the daughter of Carrie Fisher, Billie Lourd. Lourd had in "The Awakening of power" itself already performing as a Lieutenant Connix. Meanwhile, speculations were rejected by the authorities. Lucasfilm has therefore return no plans General Leia Organa in digital form on the big screen. Carrie Fisher will therefore not be seen as Leia in the new Star Wars movie.

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Star Wars: Episode IX with Billie Lourd

As a result of the death of Carrie Fisher, they are thinking of her daughter Billie Lourd to give a greater role in the ninth Star Wars movie. Even in Episode VII, she appeared as "Resistance Lieutenant" Connix. Excluded, however, it is to occupy Leia with a new actress. Too much Carrie Fisher and Leia Organa are linked together to find a worthy successor here.

Star Wars: Episode VII and Rogue One each was published in December, also Episode VIII is to come in the winter in the cinemas. However, the release of Star Wars 9 could break out of this rhythm. As the film side can be seen at IMDb, is there the Theatrical release of 2019 appearing Star Wars film already with the May 24 (US) or May 23 (Russia) indicated. It is quite possible, then, that fans do not have to wait until the end of the year. Even the films of the original trilogy appeared in each case during the warm season. &# 8220; Episode IV: A New Hope&# 8221; found about on May 25, the 1977 way into the cinemas. The information is, however, still be treated with caution. Also in Episode VIII it was short, the release would take place in May 2017 finally the launch was postponed in December.


From a tweet that Mark Hamill part of the cast will be in Star Wars 9 can be seen, after all. Once there will be news to the cast and the story of Star Wars 9, we will inform you. Until then, only the time until the release of Episode remains to keep entertaining as possible 8 end of the 2017th

"Star Wars: Episode IX" will meanwhile not be the last film in the Star Wars universe. Already, it was announced that Disney and Lucasfilm want to follow up on numerous other films. Of course, is not yet clear what possible episodes could trade 10 to 12, but Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that creative people do already thinking about what you could tell at Star Wars stories in the next one and a half decades.

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