Create an Excel input screen – Example

For the more convenient data entry you can create an Excel input box. But first you have to activate the mask In some versions of Excel.

Create an Excel input screen - Example

&# 8220; activate Excel mask&# 8221; sounds like a strange superhero command. From Excel 2007 you have to actually look for this command only and activate it. Prior to that, it is enough if you click on the menu item data mask in the menu. Entry forms in Excel make it were, each table to an Excel form, in which you selected columns filled with data. You do not have to worry about you, in which cell you are. Just an Excel create mask and already you can quickly enter data.

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activate the Excel input screen - Version 2007

As mentioned, you were able to achieve data from the menu screen before Excel 2007 menu. After this, the function was still available, but must be recognized as an icon in the menu. If you need an Excel input screen and they want in the menu, you proceed as follows.

Excel Options input mask-activateActivate the entry mask in Excel
  • First, you select the menu tab file and the menu item options.
  • As seen in the picture above, you click on &# 8220; toolbar for quick access&# 8221 ;. Thus the small icons are meant at the top left, with which you can perform functions quickly.
  • Her then selects &# 8220; choose commands&# 8221; the option &# 8220; commands not in the Ribbon&# 8221 ;.
  • appear at the bottom all the available commands in alphabetical order. to scroll through to &Mask; # 8220&# 8221; and then in the middle on the button &Adding; # 8220&# 8221 ;. the menu item is right now.
  • Now just click OK and you see a new icon in the top left of the Excel input box.
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Working with Excel: input form for data entry

First of all: The Excel input form will only work in columns from top to bottom! In a row, the column labels are. Each including the corresponding data are inserted through the Excel Mask - line by line.

Excel input template file inputData enter a mask an Excel

A none Sample Excel input screen:

You want to enter an address collection to an Excel spreadsheet. Up in the first row are the column names first name, name, address, postal code, city and phone. Each including should be the appropriate values. Of course you can here now move from cell to cell and start over at the end. However, a data entry with a mask Excel makes everything easier.

The rules for a Data input with Excel mask are:

  • Excel data entry screens in columns work from top to bottom and fill line by line.
  • The Excel mask is stored along with the table and is later again available.
excel data-maskuse an Excel input screen - step by step

So opens the table and carry on a single line, the column names. After that, these names as well as the underlying line are highlighted.

Tip: You also can simply click on the Ctrl key on the letters above the column to highlight the entire column.

Now you click on top of the newly activated masks icon. Excel now is you u.U. Show a lengthy message that you just confirmed. Then, a small input window pops up. This is the Excel screen, in which you can enter the information. the column names are on the left. To the right of the input fields. With the Tab key you jump from field to field. The Enter key submits the data and writes it into the table. The next data is inserted underneath.

Open Excel mask back

As mentioned, these input masks can be reused in Excel. If a table thus already includes a mask so you do not see that. But if you already filled area (or the whole column) is highlighted again and click on the icon, then the first registered value is displayed as filled and click on New opens additional fields are added below their values.


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