PayPal: apply for purchase protection and money recovered (private sale and eBay)

PayPal is a payment service that can send online their money. PayPal has its origin in eBay is now being used but also on many other platforms for payment online. If there are problems with the delivery or with the goods, you can apply for purchase protection at PayPal.

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The buyer protection kicks especially in cases when the paid via PayPal item is not delivered or is far away from the actual description by the seller. If certain conditions for the buyer protection available, the amount of money is first frozen. You, as the buyer then have good prospects of recovering the purchase price again.

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Under "Deviations from the item description"Understands PayPal, among others, the following cases:

  • It is a completely different product than described.
  • The condition described deviates greatly from the default settings.
  • There are missing important parts of the article which is therefore useless.
  • It has delivered a counterfeit product or a pirated copy.
  • Were ordered several items, but delivered in different quantities.

Furthermore, there is PayPal specifications which items are not currently covered by Buyer Protection:

  • The article may not work properly, however, the fault could be removed from the item description.
  • The buyer would not want to have this item after purchase.

apply for purchase protection: PayPal &# 8211; Conditions and duration

In order to apply for PayPal Buyer Protection, several conditions must be met:

  • The article has been paid for through a registered PayPal account or directly through eBay.
  • It is an objective, tangible items.
  • Purchase protection can not be accepted in digital goods such as Ultimate Team Coins, coupons or download games.
  • Even with custom, car purchases, boats and aircraft, as well as items that can not be versendetet, the buyer protection does not apply.
  • The payment must be carried out once, rather than in installments.
  • Excluded are payments that were paid directly through "installment with PayPal".

PayPal payment transactions

As a buyer, a conflict within 180 days must be reported after purchase. Purchase protection application you can for a login at PayPal on the right side below in the "conflict resolution" choose. After that, the seller has an initial 20 days to make a statement to the open case. Failing which the Buyer Protection application can be started. Ebay purchases can be opened directly from the online retailer within 30 days of the estimated delivery date in case. Controls for this is the Conflict Resolution Center or the purchased article on "My eBay" -&# 8221; Purchases&# 8221; and selects there under &# 8220; More&# 8221; &# 8220; clarify problem&# 8221 ;. After ten days without clarification of the case, an application for eBay Buyer Protection in eBay Dispute Resolution Center is possible.

ebay prbolem-clarifyAfter the application for Buyer Protection PayPal's staff examine the case first. Before the purchase price can be refunded any further information may be required by you and the seller.

PayPal Buyer Protection: So are&# 8217; s money back, the seller can do

The vendor are some resources available to protect themselves against the PayPal Buyer Protection. So the money from PayPal is about not frozen, if the item is lost in transit. This, however, a valid shipping document must be presented. A simple postage bill is not enough for this, but should items that have been paid by PayPal, be sent as registered mail, to have a number for tracking in hand. In addition, at least one week for shipping and delivery must be given in order to provide the buyer protection claim. Furthermore, demanded that PayPal has initially been a contact for a direct solution of the case between the buyer and seller. With us you also learn how to establish his PayPal account.

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