Repairability: Samsung Galaxy S8 loses significantly to iPhone X

Apple beats Samsung: The new iPhone X can be repaired more easily than the smartphone competition from South Korea. The difference between the iPhone and Galaxy X S8 is quite clear. Also for iPhone 8 (Plus) there is a substantial difference.

Repairability: Samsung Galaxy S8 loses significantly to iPhone X

iFixit: iPhone X performs better than Galaxy S8

Hardly X. iPhone because it is already disassembled. Having already had a first look at the inner workings of the Jubilee iPhone today, the guys at iFixit have now already come to a conclusion: The iPhone X has received six out of ten in terms of repairability. Samsung is the Galaxy S 8 and Galaxy Note 8 equally far behind. Only four points got the current flagship of the Group on the repair scale - on a ten-point scale, two points difference is not enough.

Six out of ten are of course no outstanding result, but at least not significantly worse than the previous iPhone generations. No iPhone has managed so far on seven points out. The iPhone X some critics, however, were assumed that it would cut off much worse in the test of iFixit - mainly because of the screen oversize, the Samsung also became the undoing. But it was different.

Here is our first impression of the iPhone X:

167425iPhone X in the Hands-On

Conveniently, the "Smartphone of the future" certainly not:

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Galaxy S8: Problems with industrial glue

In the test of iFixit was criticized that the back of the iPhone X can be exchanged bad. Components of the dual camera in the way and the underlying metal plate is welded. Praise got Apple for the relatively easy way to remove the display. Even the battery is only secured with two straps so it can be easily removed - if the device is already screwed. To find out the display a little more work is needed than with the iPhone 8 (plus) since more screws are used.

Start Photogallery(9 pictures)8 Reasons the iPhone X - and against the Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X as well as the current flagship of Samsung one that a lot of glass in use - front and rear. Should it be damaged, equal to the entire housing must be replaced. A splintered display the iPhone X but still does not mean that all of the hardware must be replaced for Face ID.

The Galaxy S8 there was to complain about, which is also reflected in the significantly lower score in terms of repairability more. Since much of industrial adhesive in use, can be harder to remove the display. Also, the battery sits significantly stronger than the iPhone X. This, incidentally, has a "very, very close resemblance" to that of the Galaxy Note. 7

Source: iFixit 


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