Amazon Instant Video without effective protection Rated

For youth-endangering films Amazon has changed the protection mechanism for video downloads. How GIGA found out the new control is not particularly effective: Each teenager, so every child can also be enabled for films with the age restriction FSK 18 at the online retailer.

Amazon Instant Video without effective protection Rated

Offer online portals harmful to young people to content, they must verify the age of their customers. The common verification is the post-identification process, the customer has in a post office or to the postman his identity (and his age) completed with a certificate. These give the information to the company: Yes, the customer is 18 years or older.

Amazon has for its video download Amazon Instant Video division (formerly LOVEFiLM) changed the system. Now the customer, the movie downloads borrow with the release from 18 years or want to buy there, only his identity card number, and a bank account or credit card number for verification at.

This process benefits the end- user (because far less cumbersome), not met in the current implementation but its purpose: It is extremely easy to handle. The tip we got from our company, by Daniel Engelbarts austerity world. Amazon Germany did not accept the original passport of the Dutchman. Engelbart's then found out that one of the identity check at Amazon no true identity card number must provide.

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FSK-18 movies at Amazon: The proof of the pudding

We make it to the test and produced an extreme case, to be completely anonymous users: We started with Amazon a new account with fictitious data.

Now we call on the age verification. We give a fantasy values ​​for credit card number and identity card number. On the Internet, various credit card number and identity card number generators that incorporate the official scheme found. Only in the age of our fictional character, we make sure to choose at least 18 years.

The result:

Amazon released Rated 18

Conclusion: As a completely anonymous - and potentially underage - users we could as an adult on Amazon Instant Video verify us. (Note: This is obviously a violation of the Terms and Conditions *Amazon Instant Video without effective protection Rated Amazon and should not be imitated. Also from the use of a non-genuine passport number, we recommend for safety's sake.)

Another hurdle to the G-18 movies

Can we start the movies now? No, because there are still a hurdle: Also, who the free trial month * for Amazon Prime (it includes movie streaming) wants to use, must provide payment data again. Regardless of the age verification. Incorrect account data is no longer accepts Amazon at this point. Want young people so watch FSK-18 movies, they must at least one valid bank specify. After all: A completely anonymous use of Amazon is therefore not possible. But there are also accounts for minors.

What does Amazon to the accusation that the age verification can be easily tricked? "It is very important to us to provide the best possible protection of minors," said an Amazon spokeswoman against GIGA. "Of course, our approach meets all legal requirements - for this we cooperate closely with the relevant authorities from." The system will constantly reviewed and improved.

The classic PostIdent Amazon, incidentally, completely abolished, also for sending media. " does not support the post-identification process because it can not be ensured here that the DVD / Blu-ray does not fall into the hands of minors," the company said on request of GIGA. Now the postman verifies the age at delivery.

At least for downloading media went but backfires "improving".


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