Shpock: contact support and private message

In Shpock you contact support can take, if there are problems with the online order. Alternatively, you can send a private message as a buyer if you have a question. We show you two ways aufnehmt her contact Shpock.

661Shpock: Customer Service

Shpock is currently one of the most popular web deals when it comes to old things to sell or cheap to come to used bargains. The virtual flea market is both as an app as well as a Web page available &# 8211; if you have questions about an item or you want to put you in touch with the customer service, you can another seller Send a message or contact Shpock. We show you how.

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Shpock: Contact Support and Customer Service

Is there a problem with the order or do you have a general question to the support, you can contact Shpock.

Shpock Contact SupportShpock provide telephone support hotline, which is accessible to Friday from Monday.

You can reach customer service by phone by calling 069 &# 8211; 80 92 60 79 (For German users) or 0431 &# 8211; 934 66 29 (For users in Austria).

Reachable is the support Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00. There are the usual cost of a call to landlines. Alternatively you can also send an e-mail to this address write: [email protected] Before you turn to customer service Shpock, it is also possible in the extensive FAQ look up online, if you there is an answer to your question.

Connect with Private Message: Shpock

Many users do not want to take up directly with the Shpock support contact, but simply ask other users a question. This, too, is relatively uncomplicated possible, but you must sign up to you first.

Shpock Private MessageOf the deals you can ask a question to the seller.
  • Then you click a buyer on the article to which you are interested.
  • Now you see set up a field with a product description as well as the question button.
  • Click on the button and then give a your message.
  • If you want to leave only one offer, make you click instead on offer and then give an offer and / or a brief comment.
  • In both cases, the seller can contact you then to respond to your question or the offer.

You are you not sure if Shpock is any good? In our Shpock Progress Report, we show you the advantages and disadvantage of the flea market app.


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