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Nilfgaard is all players of The Witcher 3: known The Wild Hunt, because already in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings southern Empire was behind the regicide Letho. We have compiled all information needed to Empire Nilfgaard for you.

The Empire Nilfgaard meet you all nose long in The Witcher 3 and its ruler, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, also has a very special relationship with Geralt's foster daughter Ciri. Moreover Nilfgaard is known to regularly invade the northern kingdoms, only to again and again to get a bloody nose. But are the Nilfgaardian by pure evil? Read it in the following article.

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Nilfgaard at a glance

SurnameEmpire Nilfgaard
RulerKaiser Emhyr var Emreis
coat of armsGolden sun on a black background
governmentStrictly autocratic monarchy
sizeVery large
economic powerVery large
militaryVery large
political lineExpansive-imperialist
  • strict laws
  • well-organized state apparatus
  • divided into provinces
  • Equal rights for nonhumans
  • Vassal states are allowed to keep their kings
  • speak a form of the ancient language
  • are in the north due to their dark armor often called "the blacks"
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The Witcher 3: Nilfgaard - The Basics

The Empire Nilfgaard located south of the Witcher world and has continued to spread there over the centuries until it included more than a dozen provinces. Many of these parts of the country were once their own kingdoms, which were annexed by the Nilfgaardian troops. Rulers such as the Duchess of Toussaint were even allowed to retain their titles and honors when they Nilfgaard unconditionally swore the loyalty and regularly paid tribute.

thewitcher-nilfgaard02Nilfgaard located in the south of the continent.

In less cooperative regions, however, the Emperor is military governor as a viceroys, for example, in the newly conquered Temeria. These rulers have tremendous power of disposal and may take almost anything in order to provide in their provinces in order.

Nilfgaard, the country of law and order

However, order is half the battle, in Nilfgaard the whole thing! Because Kaiser Emhyr var Emreis does not tolerate chaos and sets his will with a heavy hand. The immense bureaucracy and the intelligence, coupled with the strong military, make sure that no one steps out of line and who makes himself guilty of treason, on the waiting a pointed stake.

thewitcher invasionThe third invasion of Kaisserreichs.

Nevertheless Nilfgaard is not a hell on earth. The strict laws actually serve the good of the country and Emperor Emhyr is indeed a bully, but not a cruel sadist. Therefore Nilfgaard has developed under his rule the strongest and most advanced country on the continent and therefore dominates the backward northern kingdom by far in terms of culture and progress.

Nilfgaard &# 8211; A heart for Elves

Another special feature of the kingdom that are Nilfgaard Not before the law on equal terms with men. And indeed it is in the South no pogroms and racism against elves or dwarves is hardly known. Especially the elves have always been part of the allies of the empire, because the Nilfgaardian even claim to be descended from elves and the old language is - in modified form - the standard language of Nilfgaard.

thewitcher-Iorveth02the Scoia&8217; were tael has always been loyal allies of the empire.

Therefore, the elves rebels from the Scoia'tael willingly also support the empire and at the Battle of Brenna were whole brigades of Spitz ears at the front. But since Emperor Emhyr was forced after the last war to deliver the Elven leaders as war criminals, relations with the free elves have cooled considerably. Even radical Scoia'tael as Iorweth are now deeply disappointed by Nilfgaard.

The Witcher 3: Nilfgaard - Who's afraid of the black man?

Nilfgaardian military is the largest and most advanced in the world. At the battle of Brenna, the then commander Menno Coehoorn led the 300,000 men into the field, which he had carefully divided into three army groups and numerous divisions.

thewitcher-nilfgaard01Nilfgaardian knight wearing black armor with Raptor wings on the helmet.

In combat, Nilfgaardian troops that are always mentioned in the north because of their black armor "the blacks" bribe by knitted discipline and cruel pragmatism. In the past, Nilfgaard often distinguished by the fact that conquered cities and villages were eradicated mercilessly in order to make room for Nilfgaardian settlers. Therefore, the blacks are hated in the north as the plague and cholera together!

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