So can in iTunes activate an iPhone

After buying a new iPhone this must be activated before the first use. With the iTunes download you have the necessary tools on his computer to carry out an iPhone activation.

To get started with the new acquisition, the iPhone must first be connected to the Apple servers via iTunes. Use the following steps to activate a new iPhone for everyday use free.

First, create competing or separately supplied SIM card into the iPhone (if no tool has been provided, ranging a simple paper clip to open the card slot). Now switch on the device by pressing the power button on top of the iPhone one. Does it not turn right away, connect the iPhone with the included cable to a USB port or an outlet, and have first charge the battery until the iPhone has enough energy for a proper use.

activate the iPhone after connecting with iTunes

If not already done so, connect iPhone via USB cable to the computer and open the iTunes program.

iTunes iPhone enable ScreenshotWhile the iPhone is activated in iTunes, the user can register it at the same time and set up its iTunes Store accout

The activation process starts automatically when you open iTunes. Just follow the instructions to register on the screen to iTunes the new iPhone, thereby aktivieren.Während the activation process, you can register the iPhone beyond online to z. to get as easier access to Apple support, and set up your iTunes Store account.

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Activate iPhone first, then synchronize

iTunes iPhone enable ScreenshotAfter successful activation, you can make additional settings to personalize your iPhone in iTunes. iTunes tried doing an automatic synchronization with your data. Is already an iPhone connected to the existing iTunes installation, the existing data and existing settings can be loaded directly on the new iPhone.

If you have freshly signed a new mobile phone contract and then find sobering in full of anticipation that an attempted activation of the iPhone in iTunes only an error message with the text "your iTunes Store request could not be completed. An unknown error has occurred leads, "do not throw the same in the towel. As a rule, up to 24 hours, pass some time until the contract is also unlocked the mobile network operator and thus the iPhone can be activated in iTunes.


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