LTE Speed: How fast is 4G / my rate?

How fast is LTE (Long Term Evolution, also known as 4G) actually really? What factors play a role in the maximum and average surfing speed? And I can actually count on getting 300 Mbit per second, if my supplier promise me that?

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LTE speed (Long Term Evolution) 4G How fast is the maximum?

Mobile operators promote its LTE tariffs often with extremely high maximum speeds. But the advertised speed actually arrives at the user? Can / surfing s with 300 Mbit you actually when that speed is promised for the 4G network?

We looked at which maximum speeds LTE actually provides and what actually matters in the end.

  • First of all, there is a difference between what is possible using LTE and the speed at which the technology is then specified the end.
  • For example, a theoretical maximum of 326.4 By / s can be achieved in the download with LTE, but only under laboratory conditions.
  • Specifies the first stage of the 4G-cross-linked, however, &# 8220; only&# 8221; With 300 / s.
  • LTE-Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro are these LTE, which is HSDPA for UMTS and 3G, a verbessertres and optimized protocol, which still allows for higher upload and download.
  • Incidentally LTE always applies when it comes to speed and much faster than UMTS or 3G. But this is only partly true, as well as a maximum data rate of 300 Mbit / s can be reached via the UMTS network now. In practice, this is however not used. In addition, LTE will provide much higher data rates in the future and other benefits such as improved telephony and shorter connection times (lower Latzen) brings.
  • With the LTE-A standard are, for example, according to the specifications 600 Mbit / s download possible.
LTELTE-Advanced (LTE-A)LTE Advanced Pro (LTA AP)
Theoretical maximum: DownloadWith 326.4 / s3.9 Gbit / s>3.9 Gbit / s
Theoretical maximum: UploadWith 86.4 / s1.5 Gb / s>1.5 Gb / s
Maxi Malians to download Specifications300 Mbit / s600 Mbit / s1.000 Mbit / s
Maxi Malians upload to specifications75 Mbit / s500 Mbit / s500 Mbit / s

Now we know the official theoretical maximum speeds and the specified download and upload rates. We have, however, noticed her, the German Mobilfunkabieter not offer these speeds. Here are still working with specifications that do not exploit the maximum possible.

The reason is that LTE is always evolving in certain releases. While a Release 8 a downstream of 172.8 Mbit / s are in Release 9 already 326.4 Mbit / s. Now put German provider but not necessarily on the latest protocols. The maximum possible LTE speed is thereby reduced again &# 8211; even if it were possible, according to specifications of the newer protocols.


How fast is my plan?

The actual LTE transmission rate is highly dependent on the technique used, the wireless service provider. Moreover, even their own devices associated with a particular category, which specifies a maximum transmission rate. In the worst case, so that the mobile network is faster than it supports your own device. How can spark quickly your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet, you read. In the manual or in the specifications on the manufacturing side

  • Vodafone currently offers a maximum Downstream of 225 Mbit / s *.
  • At the Telekom there are up to 300 Mbit / s *.
  • O2 advertises date with a maximum data transfer rate of 50 Mbit / s. *LTE Speed: How fast is 4G / my rate?

That Telekom did not explicitly advertises at this speed, but calls the tariff LTE MAX, already indicates that there is such a thing at the maximum speed. As the name suggests, it is the maximum speed, average speed no. Should the transfer be perfect, the network is not overly burdened and to stand next to a cell towers, then it may well be that it comes close to this maximum value. However, this will happen in the rarest cases that.

The networks of Mobilfunkabieter are heavily used in general, and so the connection to the next cell towers not so good and so. That is, the actual speed in everyday life is likely to move more often than less often in the lower double-digit Mbit range. but that is not as negative as it may sound at first, because LTE is also characterized by a low latency from. Load web pages with 3G often very slow, which may be due to the low reaction rate of the cross-linked, not the pure throughput. So LTE is always felt much smoother, even with slightly worse connection.

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