Rename MP3: Then bring your order in your music collection

Who has many MP3 tracks stored on his computer, maybe even spread confusing and decides to clean up once, can it rely on small programs that order is made almost in an instant. Rename the files to your specifications in order to move them and to a few other things. 

Rename MP3: Then bring your order in your music collection

If you want to rename single MP3, can proceed even by hand. It looks for the file in Windows Explorer, click on the file name and type in the changes. Finished. but wants to perform the case of several titles or the entire music collection, you should consider a different approach.

MP3 rename Advanced Renamer

Who wants to rename MP3 according to certain rules, this can rely on freeware like Advanced Renamer. The program can rename multiple Datien without having to resort to metadata according to specifications. There are 14 different rules for file names can be changed. A preview function allows you to look in advance if the changes turn out the way you intended. Anything does get wrong and provide it with it in place until after the fact, can easily restore the initial situation using the undo function.

Advanced Renamer: Sort MP3 even if no metadata available.Advanced Renamer: Sort MP3 even if no metadata available.

Also, additional file attributes and time stamp can be edited and the files bundled be moved to new locations.

If ID3 tags are stored in the files, they can be used by Advanced Renamer for renaming, so that track number, album name and song title will appear in the future in the filename.

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Other programs for renaming MP3

The Advanced Renamer is the first choice when no ID3 tags are present. If the metadata stored, you can also rely on classics such as MP3 tag or Kid3 Tag Editor, which offer extensive additional functionalities.

A classic MP3 Management programs: MP3Tag.A classic MP3 Management programs: MP3Tag.

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