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The freeware Songr detects songs on the Internet as mp3 downloads and loads the desired tracks as mp3 files on the local disk.

With free Songr to songs on the Internet can be tracked down as an mp3 download and download the desired song as mp3 files on the local disk.

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Songr is a kind of meta-search engine that harks back to find the desired song to over twelve different music search engines. Inter alia accessed while on,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


Results of Songr with information about the bit rate, file size and the season on. A music file in mp3 format should have a bit rate of 128 kbit / s for a reasonably good sound. The search program includes a preview function that allows you to check if you have really caught the desired song. Then the song can be loaded directly as mp3 to your hard drive, or even play in the program interface of Songr. The download also works on YouTube. Videos can be converted by the video platform directly as mp3 files. In addition, the tool the offers links to buy the songs to online music stores Amazon and Rhapsody.

In addition, allows searching with Songr not only by music title, but also make lyrics. If you give a few lines, the program finds the matching song titles because of these inputs.

Songr is a competent metasearch engine, which can convince with their clear design and its practical extra features. but often it is difficult to see where the music files came from and how they are copyrighted. As for the legality of MP3 downloads Songr is definitely in a gray area.

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