Civilization 6: Increase amenities in Civ 6

The amenities in Civilization 6 are an important part of your cities. There are not enough of them available, running very little in the people. There are different ways to get these and further it is important to know when and why you really need. All you need to know about the amenities in Civ 6, we show you on this page.

Amenities are an essential part of Civilization 6 overall satisfaction in your cities. Missing you amenities, including the growth and productivity of your citizens decreases. One reason more why you should provide enough of them available. Especially when you seek the victory rule, you should provide enough good mood in the population as war weariness the mood lowers. Also, a bankruptcy strongly precipitates on satisfaction.

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Civilization 6: Increase the amenities and what they are needed

In Civ 6 you have the possibility to increase amenities with entertainment districts. But that's not all, because great PeoplePolicies, diplomacy, resources and wonders can have an impact on the happiness of your civilization. you need 2 per citizen 1 Convenience. This calculation is done as soon as their 3 citizens have in a city. In short, your city grows and grows and continuously needed for amenities. Ensures a regular basis for improvement, so that your urban growth remains constant. You should remember that any city in alone calculates its amenities. So, there is little if your capital is a mere theme park, while the other cities are like a cemetery.

Sun increased its facilities with resources

One of the best and at the same time most casual ways additional features to get it is when you try as many luxury goods to get. However, these are linked to the randomly-generated terrain fields, but you can occasionally for some gold, an additional Buy tile, to get to a desired luxury resource. an amenity generated per luxury.

Civ 6 SatisfactionWith enough luxury goods it ensures the satisfaction of your Civ.

Through trade with other factions or city-states you can also bargain for the desired resources and thus meet the needs of your population. Especially Zanzibar here is helpful because it as suzerain Cinnamon and cloves receive. This luxury resources can not be achieved in other ways. If you wars declared or you long war is, suffer your people war weariness, which lowers the facilities gradually. trying to end the war quickly or very own budget, so that the productivity does not decrease.

win with politics amenities in Civ 6

The following policies or orientations allow you bonuses amenities:

  • political philosophy &# 8211; Classical Republic (Form of government): Get all the cities with a special district +1 convenience.
  • enlightenment (Economy): For each city with at least two special districts you get +1 convenience.
  • Public service (Military): Each city with a garrison receives +1 convenience.
  • propaganda (Military): The increase in war weariness is reduced by 25%.
Civ 6 amenitiesWarlike peoples such as Sparta must pay particular attention to the budget.
  • Suffrage -New Deal (Economy): Your visit other +4 living room. While this is not convenience, but together determine these values ​​the satisfaction your population.
  • Class struggle: No war weariness, when you are fighting on their own territory.
  • Totalitarianism: By Martial law  25% less war fatigue be generated.

Wonders and Pantheon for more amenities in Civ 6

With the River Goddess in your Pantheon you can for each city with a sacred site on a river +1 convenience produce. In addition, you allow the Zen meditation also +1 convenience for each city with two special districts. Next miracle can bring you additional features:

  • Alhambra: You gain an additional military slot where you can insert a policy which, for example, reduces war weariness. Moreover, their bonuses on entertainment, +2 points for major generals and a defense bonus gain.
  • Colosseum: Each city receives additional amenities and +2 and +3 culture to entertainment.
  • Estadio Maracana: By the professional sport you get +2 facilities in every city and culture, as well +6 +2 entertainment.

Amenities obtained by Great People

Not all of the listed of us Great People is a direct bonus features, but also War fatigue and bankruptcy affect satisfaction. Similarly, the availability of housing, which is why we want to show you figures, which may be for each of these factors is advantageous.

Civ 6 amenitiesGreat People can bring you great benefits.

Great Engineers:

  • Jane Drew:  you gain +4 living space and amenities +3 for a city.
  • Joseph Paxton: bring buildings in a district + 1 convenience and it extends the boundaries of the city.
  • Nikola Tesla: you gain three hexes for the city and +2 production.
  • John Roebling: you gain +2 living space and amenity +1 for a city.
  • Mimar Sinan: you gain +1 living room and +1 Convenience for a city.

Large distributors:

  • Estee Lauder: You get the luxury resource Perfume.
  • Levi Strauss: You get the luxury resource Jeans.
  • John Spilsbury: produces the Toy luxury resource, Which +4 convenience brings.
  • Helena Rubinstein: You get the luxury resource cosmetics.

If your convenience in a city to fall too much, it can next to limitations in production even by the formation of partisan lead, which can be very dangerous.


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