Stop what you want to hear – Deezer advertising in ears and hearts

DOEP DOEP DOEP and I was made for lovin&8217; you says the new Deezer advertising. Even as the music streaming service Deezer launched its advertising campaign on German television, they wrapped the audience around her finger. The clerk, who actually is serving his time lazy, has actually won many hearts. Deezer Advertising was a complete success. On YouTube, the first Deezer spot has been viewed over a million times. We tell you which Deezer commercials are there and who is behind the ingenious concept.

Stop what you want to hear - Deezer advertising in ears and hearts

With the Spotify alternative over 40 million music tracks available. Even without an Internet connection you can access your personal playlist. but the most notable is the success of Deezer Advertising: Although it was only broadcast on ProSieben and Sat.1, she has made the company famous with wit. This was followed by numerous other commercials humorous style.

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Deezer and the EM-songs of the German national football team

The music streaming service Deezer works with yogis guys: You can power on the song playlist on Deezer hear what songs the likes of Lukas Podolski or Bastian Schweinsteiger heard in the team bus or in the player cabin. If you've always wanted to know which musical highlights, the German team matches relaxed or on the game, gets every day another song in the playlist that is selected by the team members. In addition, you can follow on Deezer the stream of and are therefore live with all EM games there.

Deezer Advertising 2016: I was made for lovin&8217; you and DOEP DOEP song

For several weeks, you will see two new TV spots of Deezer, in which they convince again with humor. This time, another Büroangstellter at the center and we accompany him at the start of the day. DOEP DOEP DOEP says the morning of his girlfriend in the bathroom, the weather forecast on television, with the faithful witness DOEP DOEP DOEP&# 8217; s on the road and in the whole office. The employee is visibly annoyed by the taciturnity and the rather monotonous melody (if you can she call it that) of DOEP-DöpLieds. Almost identical is the second advertisement in which his environment I was made for lovin&8217; you performs.

thus applying Deezer Deezer flow, the&# 8221; automatically play the music that you'd hear&# 8221 ;. And indeed it did our clerk good to have to listen not always the same. But what about? By whom the DOEP-DOEP song was still the same? And who sang I was made for lovin&8217; you?

KISS - I was made for lovin&8217; you
Scooter &# 8211; Maria (I like it loud)

In the Deezer TV advertising we actually see in the first clip an employee who looks suspiciously like HP Baxxter, in the second spot employees are painted in a scene like KISS.

These are the catchy tunes that are hyped in the Deezer Advertising:

Deezer advertising: How it all began

  • The first commercial ran in Germany october 2014 and is called &# 8220;nutjob&# 8220 ;.
  • The clerk called Jeff and played by British Matt Kaufmann.
  • he has been deposited with the song Geronimo of Sheppard.
Deezer campaignDeezer: With the advertising campaign of the music streaming service launched by.

The Deezer advertising is decorated in pale colors and plays in an office. Everything seems dull and boring - and the employee with the crooked nose does not look very enthusiastic when he throws himself at his workplace peanuts into his mouth. Then the boss comes with a firm step to him and the rest of our staff it has happened. Apparently enraged the supervisor takes him away peanuts. The chief announced that he had come to tell the clerk &# 8220; what a horny guy&# 8221; he was and is complimented him for his &# 8220; beautiful eyes&# 8221 ;. However, he proposes it on the table and looks like he's just out spew dismissal. The Enlightenment why the clerk smiles as wide at the end, delivers the slogan &# 8220;Listen, what you want to hear!&# 8220 ;. Instead of negative words, so only well-meaning phrases penetrated to the ears of the listener Deezer.

Deezer advertising on YouTube

On the Deezer Channel finds its numerous other spots and a making-of in German. Among the 15 Deezer videos are shorter spots, which apply only individual musical styles. Commercials as usual funny style &# 8220;nutjob&# 8221; are held, we have highlighted in bold for you:

  • Football live on Deezer
  • Audio books and radio plays on Deezer
  • Classic! Deezer Germany
  • Deezer Offline!
  • Deezer Heavy Metal!
  • Deezer Flow!
  • Hip hop!
  • Bibi Blocksberg!
  • even with Vodafone!
  • Copycat
  • Three Of Life
  • Jacketpot
  • Bibi and Tina

In heavy metal spot Jeff pulls up in front of a biker bar with a Segway &# 8211; and red-faced &# 8220; welcomes&# 8221 ;. His vehicle is hyped as a particularly cool and tough guys admit to wishing to establish also such a part. In the Deezer Advertising Copycat challenge a colleague Jeff, they drunk at night but to call again.

For Deezer playlist*

International spots can watch her on the YouTube channel. This includes, for example, &# 8220; The Ceasar&# 8221; &# 8211; a TV commercial for the United Kingdom (UK).

The Caesar - DeezerThe Caesar &# 8211; Deezer commercial in UK. (Source: YouTube Deezer channel)

Who is behind the Deezer Advertising

The international music streaming service Deezer has brought for the German TV advertising a Berlin advertising agency on board. The TV campaign was developed in collaboration with the Kreuzberg Agency DOJO. It should arouse curiosity generally to Spotify alternative and music streaming. the spots of Bigfish were produced. Director is Micky Suelzer.

8880Deezer: Stop what you want to hear - Three of Life


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