Aldi Talk: Book, set and announce flatrate

You need a new mobile phone tariff and want rather not pay a lot for making calls and texting? With the AldiTalk Flat you can save a lot for € 12.99 a month. We count you all costs and tell you how you can set up the AldiTalk flat rate.

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With the AldiTalk flat rate you can free calls to other Aldi Talk customers and to German landlines and lead free send SMS to Aldi Talk. What other costs arising from the flat, learn it in our listing.

AldiTalk Flat: The benefits and costs

The AldiTalk flat rate is subject to a term of 30 days. The package costs € 12.99 and allows you the following benefits:

Calls to AldiTalk0.00 € / min
Calls to German fixed network0.00 € / min
mailbox0.00 € / min
Calls to all other German mobile networks0.11 € / min
SMS to AldiTalk0,00 € / SMS
SMS to all other German mobile networks€ 0.11 / SMS
SMS to foreign mobile networks€ 0.13 / SMS

In addition to the flat rate AldiTalk there is also the possibility, only the Community Flatrate zuzulegen, which costs only € 2.99 / month, but only calls and SMS to other Aldi Talk allows customers free of charge.

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Book AldiTalk flatrate

sim_6296393_1269AldiTalk flat rate: endless phone calls to each other (Source: Aldi Talk)

To use the AldiTalk flat rate, you of course need to AldiTalk basic tariff, goes along with the SIM card for your phone. Have you used the card into your smart phone or cell phone, there are several ways to upgrade to the flat to monthly properly to save money.

Aldi Talk Hotline

Calls with your phone easily with the account Hotline 1155 in to book the flat rate for your Aldi Talk account.

Aldi Talk app

Do you have a smartphone, you installed the Aldi Talk app and place yourselves to the point book a flat rate.

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Aldi Talk Online

  1. Make your way to the website and logs you with your account information at My AldiTalk
  2. Under my rate is it the option that dazuzubuchen AldiTalk Flat

terminate AldiTalk Flat

Unless your prepaid account has sufficient funds, the duration of the flat rate automatically extended and will be deducted monthly from your account (in this case it is advisable to set up an automatic charging).

Do you want to cancel but your AldiTalk flat rate, just one phone call during the account hotline (Tel .: 1155) or visiting the Aldi Talk app or the website.

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