Fallout 4 – Far Harbor: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The island of Fallout 4: Far Harbor holds ready some Easter Eggs and secrets for exploring joyful Badlands. Many allusions and references and secret areas with countless loot can be found in the extension. We show you the main hotspots, and can as you reach them.

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The Bethesda Game Studios have with their largest to date DLC &# 8220; Far Harbor&# 8221; for fallout 4 showed great attention to detail. The contaminated island lies just so full Easter Eggs, Secrets and witty allusions. So you can even convince you, we'll show you you about the references to the important places and clarify.

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Fallout 4 &# 8211; Far Harbor: All Easter Eggs and secrets

The creators of the Fallout series has always had a penchant for their game world with Easter Eggs and secrets to peek, the attentive players rewarded for their exploration of desire. The best Easter Eggs in Fallout 4 We have already shown you. What the DLC &# 8220; Far Harbor&# 8221; has everything to hidden secrets, you read below.

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Easter Egg: Jack and Rose from the Titanic

A special discovery can be middle of the lake north of the nucleus (headquarters of the Children of the atom) do. Here you see a driving door with two skeletons. This picture reminds strongly of one of the most successful films of all time &# 8211; Titanic! Meant here is one of the final scenes, survived in the rose on a floating piece of wood while Jack freezes to death in the icy water.

fallout-4-far-harbor-titanic-easter egg-

And just like in the film, one wonders again: Why do not they just share the door? There is still enough room for both lovers. But no matter, because in the version of Fallout 4: Far Harbor are both long since become rickety skeletons and floating on the radioactively contaminated lake to himself.

Make room rose! Since enough space for two people is on the door.Make room rose! There's enough space for two people at the door.

Secret hidden room with countless Loot

Who carefully explored the island, is in the extreme southeast of the Cranberry Iceland Docks bump. Here you will find a dilapidated building with a net in front of it, which is guarded by a couple of dogs. On the upper floor you will find a map with generators that have to activate their turn. Do you do that, you open a secret bunker at the end and then comes to a room with a lot of loot and useful scrap. The exact way to secret area you can see in the following video.

Easter Egg: The Killer Dwarfs

While in the main game of Fallout 4 still small teddy bears, which you have met repeatedly in funny poses anywhere in the game world, there are DLC &# 8220; Far Harbor&# 8221; small garden gnomes, which is not to be trifled with. The wily guy takes her from time to time it was mostly in places of violent crimes in which they had probably their finger in the pie. One of those places you see below on the map.

fallout-4-far-harbor-killer zwerge-easter-egg-2

In their vicinity can be found mostly corpses and skeletons were apparently murdered in a violent manner. At least let the the axes and knives that are still in their bodies, suspect. Therefore, one should probably rather not turn off the killer dwarfs the back.

fallout-4-far-harbor-killer zwerge-easter egg-

Fallout 4 - Far Harbor Island Almanac - Locations of all issues in the video

Secret treasures and huge monsters under water

Already in Fallout 4 could you discover its underwater secrets and Far Harbor has to offer on this point. So there are sunken boats, treasure chests, embassies, abandoned power armor or even a huge sea monster to discover. Especially on the PC and soon on consoles you can remove the water around the island of Far Harbor and so the areas better explore underwater, as well as the following video shows, where the secrets are revealed thanks to mods.

Easter Egg: Pet Sematary

Based on Stephen King&# 8217; s famous novel &# 8220; Pet Sematary&# 8221;, which was made into a movie, you can find an eerie cemetery for pets in Far Harbor, which is the very close Radiant Crest Shrines located.

fallout-4-far Harbor cemetery-of-kuscheltiere-easter egg-

Step into her misty cemetery, you will already by some mole rats attacked. Do you have defeated them, look at a grave stone little more closely at which an image of a sweet kitten refuses, which makes the allusion to the horror story perfectly.

fallout-4-far Harbor cemetery-of-kuscheltiere-easter-egg-2

Easter Eggs: Vim Quartz

The company Vim is the biggest competitor for Nuka Cola in Fallout universe, that is quite similar to the competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola in our world. You can enter in Far Harbor the company building of Vim and find an email in the computer of the CEOs who informed about the trademark dispute of Vim and Nuka Cola over the new drink quartz. Nuka Cola Quartz know some of you may have from Fallout: New Vegas. This drink made there for a blue-colored field of view.

fallout-4-far-harbor VIM quartz-easter egg-

Even if Vim has lost the trademark dispute, can be in some places bottles of Vim Quartz find, increase your load when used for a short time to +15. A real energy drink also.

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