The Musketeers Season 3: When Netflix shows the new season?

The British costume adventure has recently started on BBC One on British television. In parallel, we can look at the stream D'Artagnons new adventure online. Where you can and the need for it when you go online, which you can find out here.

The Musketeers Season 3: When Netflix shows the new season?Source: BBC1

The series is loosely based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers "from the 19th century. Basically, the plot of "The Musketeers" not much to say, since we already know the plot from different films and series formats. However, the BBC drama is really well done. From a somewhat confusing the first episode in Season 1 apart.

1782The Musketeers Season 3 - Trailer

"The Musketeers" Season 3: serial-out after Season 3 is decided

Unfortunately BBC has sold "The Musketeers". The third season will therefore be the last.

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"The Musketeers" Season 3: What do we already know about it?

The plot of Season 3 sets of four years after the finale of the second season. Meanwhile, D'Artagnon and Constance have been married longer. Also, the Dauphin has come of baby shoes. The plot, the sister of König Louis (Ryan Cage) to Henrietta Maria of France encounters (Olivia Poulet). The main roles will continue to be seen as Porthos Luke Pasqualino as D'Artagnon, Tom Burke as Athos, Aramis and Santiago Cabrera as Howard Charles.

Episode Guide to "The Musketeers" Season 3

resultEnglish TitleGerman title
1Spoils of War TBA
2The hungerTBA
3Brother in ArmsTBA
4The Queen's DiamondsTBA
5To Play the KingTBA
6Death of a HeroTBA
7Fool's GoldTBA
8thPrisoners of WarTBA
9The PrizeTBA
10We are the GarrisonTBA

Where you can watch "The Musketeers"?

The broadcast rights for the first season had secured the first. All 10 episodes of Season 1 have been shown ibid in December, 2014. Season 2 of "The Musketeers" is available on Netflix since March 31, 2016th If and when the series returns to German free TV, we can not yet tell you at this point.

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Otherwise, you can buy you the following seasons on streaming services and download:

  • Amazon *The Musketeers Season 3: When Netflix shows the new season?: Here are Season 1 and 2 currently available in German language. Season 3 look there in the original English. Episode 1 has been put online on 28 May 2016th Week after week we can look forward to a new episode us now.
  • Max cathedrals *The Musketeers Season 3: When Netflix shows the new season?: There to see the first season. You can they look at you in German or English.
  • iTunes *The Musketeers Season 3: When Netflix shows the new season?: There is also the first two seasons either in German or in English.

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