Google voice typing: Punctuation can be eingesprochen in German – at last

Comma, period, new line: After an eternity Android dominates in the German language entry punctuation spoken. The new function can thereby be used not only on smartphones and tablets, but also stands on Smart Watches with Android Wear available. 

Google voice typing: Punctuation can be eingesprochen in German - at last

Even though we are a long way from a hundred percent accurate speech recognition à la Star Trek removed in recent years a lot has been done in this area, however. In addition to Nuance (which provide the technical basis for Siri, S Voice and the Swype speech recognition) has been mainly profiled Google as a pioneer of this technology, its own voice recognition continues to improve, with new features and thanks to Google Now and "Ok Google" even as a central feature in Android, Chrome least integrated. One of the useful features that existed for a long time only in the English version, draws after a long wait finally in the German speech recognition model: spoken punctuation.

An official announcement by Google is still out on its own help page puts it still: "Spoken punctuation is currently supported only in English at this." This is obviously not true, as a quick test provides our part to demonstrate:


For those who do not want to make the picture now on the search for punctuation, here is the summary. purchasing the following punctuation marks are supported:

  • Point
  • comma
  • Question mark
  • exclamation mark
  • paragraph
  • New line

In principle, Minus is supported (as a hyphen), in practice - say, within a spoken text - but not working it satisfactory. Is "minus" speaking only for himself, a dash appears on the screen actually. one speaks it, however, within a text, it is then advertised as "minus". Other punctuation, such as semicolon, colon or an apostrophe, do not work. Also, the user has the punctuation fairly smoothly accommodate in the text and not make too long pauses, otherwise also denied proper recognition. On these points, Google has yet to clearly rectify.

Have you discovered other punctuation marks? Will you use more often the voice input now? Your tips, opinions and instructions please our comments.

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