The Division: assault “Dragon Stronghold” – Tips and tactics

The first extension of Tom Clancy&# 8217; s The Division called underground brings you another assault. In the raid you fight four powerful cleaner that the city once and for all by the virus &# 8220; free&# 8221; want. In this Guide to The Division we give you tips and tactics for the third assault &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221 ;.

Until now you had at The Division with already cleaners to do. They are equipped with flamethrowers armed and put everything on fire, what comes in their way. Now they have a powerful weapon developed that will wipe out the entire city. The randomly generated tunnel systems, the the underground DLC brings, provide more power with the new assault. We give you in this guide Tips and the right Tactics, to the assault &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221; to master in The division.

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The Ubisoft team plays at their own DLC:

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The Division &# 8211; encroachment &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221 ;: content and entry

four apocalyptic Cleaner are in town and they want to get rid of the virus. They proceed with unfair methods. Starting in Bright&# 8217; s Kitchen, the right place for flaming fighter. The four flamethrowers have a ultimate weapon developed that they want to use soon. If they do, they want to take no account of civilians but obliterate everything possible to defeat the virus once and for all.

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To the assault &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221; To begin, you have to level 30 achieved. Also be sure the mission &# 8220; General Assembly&# 8221; complete, thus the Raid is available. It will appear immediately on your map. The attack is for a team with good facilities designed. Your group should be balanced. Seeks its also a real kick, you can from one week after publication of the new play Heroic mode, which increases the difficulty.The third assault you fight four powerful cleaner.The third assault you fight four powerful cleaner.

Tips and tactics for the attack &Drachenhort; # 8220&# 8221;

The third assault you are about 15 to 20 minutes busy when you play it in hard mode. Unlike the last two raids &# 8220; Clear sky&# 8221; and &# 8220; lost Falcon&# 8221; is this encroachment is not quite so simple and even a bit tricky. You will increasingly fight Cleaner, which is why it is no Shotgun attackers against. So you can The Division a little time to breathe. Nevertheless, the attack requires a lot of skill and can not be done with the left.

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  • Your first meeting will be held with opponents who incendiary ammunition throw at you. Do not run directly into the arena, but an attempt on the tanks of the opponents. The path leads you to barely cover over, so you should aim accurately.
  • Eliminated first, before you make the weak enemies you of the serious opponents, who throw incendiary ammunition for you.
  • Now run to the next room and take the stairs to get to the roof. Turns way from the enemies with targeted hits.
  • Once you are on the roof, the attack begins in earnest.
  • In the underground car park Once, you've got to say in many areas. In each you will find a mini-boss, whom you must defeat.
  • In the first room you will find a group Cleaner with a technician who exposes robot. You can put the entire ground under fire. So keep the technician under control so as not to burn.
  • Are the enemies behind you and your team, they can turn to you very quickly.
  • Have survived it the first wave, there are the 4 Horsemen upon you to. These Cleaners are again equipped with fire robots that will leaven the ground in flames.
  • Defeat her a boss, even spawn more small robots that enforce you powerful. So you should first turn the enemies around you before you kill another boss.
  • Climb up the fire escapes best up and looking you meet here. Use your skills and items. The bosses come up here only slowly toward you.
  • The death with it you can stun headshots. Thus, it gives you more time to do the other bosses.
The four horsemen you have to overcome during the raids.The four horsemen you have to overcome during the raids.
  • Next, you should pest do, to then have sufficient time for the next bosses.
  • Have defeated all of you, you lootet the enemies and goes on to the elevator shaft.
  • Now fight your way through the next room, only to come to the main battle.
  • Enabled laptops on the way to the final room. Here you can now find a Fire Truck, the added you additionally with flames. It is designed similar to the armored vehicles in the overlap &# 8220; Falcon Lost&# 8221 ;.
  • By the way you fight back against small fire robots, snipers and enemies with shotguns and other standard weapons.
  • Pays attention to red circles disappears on the ground and when a circle appears under your feet. These posts are covered with flames from the truck.
  • To progress in the fight, you have to Around 8 switch. They are arranged in pairs opposite. You must work as a team and two switch simultaneously. They move water tanks around the room. Speak ye necessarily to make this system work.
  • do not approach the fire truck. He has one deadly melee attack, adds you much harm.
  • Have you turned over a pair of switches together, waves of fire robots and the fire truck follow parried with strong attacks by setting the entire hall under fire. Here you only the skills Exotic resistance and / or support station can help with the mod immunizers.

in the video by YouTuber Arekkz gaming you see more tips for overreaching:

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