Civilization 6: Create religions and spread faith

The religion in Civilization 6 is as significant as ever. Some people specialize, for example, almost completely on faith and the spread of religion. How all this works in Civ 6 and as you successfully treading the sacred path, we will show you in this article.

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India and Spain are two civilizations, which religion is particularly dear. Civ 6 would not be a Civilization, when the approach of cultures would not be completely different. get the Spaniards military benefits and the Indians are satisfied as long as possible much faith spread becomes. By religion and faith will receive their special units, which even themselves fight with lightning can and konvertrieren other civilizations, or can be converted.

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Civilization 6: produce and disseminate religious faith

In our article on the different types victory in Civilization 6 you can find out how their people to your Religion victory can lead. There are several fundamental factors regarding the religion in Civ 6. These include Believe Pantheon, religion, religious entities which we would like to introduce you in detail.

Faith in Civ 6

faith points are comparable to gold, production, culture and science. Her and gathering building, trade, districts, miracle or wonder. Your generated by faith sacred Sites and any religious building within the area. In these buildings you can turn relics store. This will get you not only bonuses to the generated faith, but also tourism points, as many people want to enjoy the relics in your land,.

Civ 6 ReligionThe Spanish Conquistadores obtain additional combat strength by neighboring religious units.

With Believe you can buy units and buildings. Not everything can be bought with the faith and you must find your district Holy place Remove as much as possible. Religious units can be acquired only with faith. In addition, you can check out very quickly and spontaneously with this method city ​​walls to buy.

establish religion and the Pantheon

The Pantheon is not the same as religion, but only a precursor. Before it ever comes to the establishment of religions, can you first faith bonuses establish. You select a property of your pantheon and this is you guide you through the entire game, as it is added to the properties of a later religion. So you can start a religion, you have a great prophet receive. This is the only way and you can only get once a great prophet.

civ 6 religionFor a Great Prophet you need a Sanctuary in Civilization. 6

Through the establishment of religion, the city in which the prophet proclaims his faith towards a Heiligenstadt. Did you get a prophet, can you get any further. Religion can you, however, in terms of its name and symbol modify yet, but the bonuses remain the same. You choose the bonuses your religion at the beginning itself and you can expand it even further by proselytizing. Here your religion starts with two bonuses and can with the apostle on four bonuses to be brought.

Civ 6 ReligionIn this overview, you learn all about the bonuses of a religion.

Here it is important that you founder bonuses get when you founded a religion. Furthermore, there are limited bonuses for people who follow a different religion. In this case, you will receive a founder all the benefits and other civilizations only the result of bonuses. Every religion has its own religious building, which also confers a benefit compared to &# 8220; religion foreign&# 8221; sacred buildings.

Religious units in Civ 6

With faith you can watch Missionaries inquisitors and apostles to buy. Missionaries can be sent out to spread the faith in own and other cities. They are just as craftsmen consumable, which is why you should choose good, at which point you use them. Apostles are much more expensive and can also spread the religion. In addition, it is possible to give them your to proselytize religion, so you get new bonuses.

With the apostles her other religious units can attack.With the apostles her other religious units can attack.

The apostles can continue a start Inquisition or wars of religion calling out. Once you've launched a Iquisition, can you inquisitors train which are able to limit other religions and weaken. The units do not heal on command, but her she must return to the Holy Places.

Religious wars in Civilization 6

Your religious units can fight each other. Here, the outcome of the fight is very important for the Propagation of the Faith. The winner will strengthen the faith of the towns in the area and the loser loses his followers part. Missionaries can only defend himself as apostle attack other units and can kill.

Furthermore your inquisition one casus Belli cause. This is the kind of justification for the war against another civilization


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