Razer Synapse 2.0

With the cloud-based driver software Razer Synapse it has a configuration software for Razer peripherals such as keyboards and mice.

With the driver software, various settings for Razer devices are invalid. The settings can be synchronized thanks to cloud integration between multiple computers.

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Razer Synapse download for Windows

So that you can use Razer Synapse after downloading an application for a Razer account is necessary. Both the download and registration are free. With Synapse can invest their individual shortcuts, define macros, create profiles for different uses and games and more. The software can eg. As well as lighting effects are controlled on Razer keyboards. Thanks to the driver software you have as individual ready tailored to your requirements settings for Razer keyboards, mice and headsets.

  • manage settings for Razer devices
  • Synchronize settings via the cloud
  • define macros
  • Razer use devices with customized settings on different computers
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick access to games, applications and functions

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Razer Synapse helps manage keyboards, mice and headsets

Thanks to Power Options Battery-operated keyboards and mice can also be used optimally. In addition, Razer Synapse helps in wireless operation of Razer keyboards. The download of Razer Synapse is particularly suitable for users who use their Razer hardware in different PCs and not want to make settings anew each time. The available here Download Razer Synapse is for users of Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. On the manufacturing side you also find a version for Mac OS.

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