Surface Pro (2017) and Surface Pro 4 compared: Is it worth the upgrade?

Although Microsoft has introduced the Surface Pro (2017) no Surface Pro 5, but the differences with the Surface Pro 4 are still immense. These features are particularly interesting:

32726Microsoft Surface Pro (2017): highlights at a glance

Surface Pro (2017) vs. Surface Pro 4 compared

With the Surface Pro (2017) Microsoft ushers in a new era. There is no Surface Pro 5, but an upgrade regardless of the name. This also leaves the pressure disappear every year having to bring a new Surface tablet on the market - but only if there are many new features. According to Microsoft, the new Surface Pro has experienced 800 small and big changes compared to the Surface Pro. 4 Some of which we will probably never find out, but we want you the highlights list in this article.

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The design remains the same

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017-04

At the appearance of Microsoft has not changed much - at first glance, the Surface Pro (2017) and the Surface Pro 4 the same. Only in detail it is clear that the edges are slightly more rounded, producing a softer minimal design is implemented. The kick stand on the back is still available, but can now open by 165 degrees, whereby the work is made possible in an even more comfortable angle. So far, there were more than 150 degrees. The connections and their positions remain unchanged. There are still only a USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPort and the Surface Connector. After all, Microsoft wants to provide a surface-Connector to USB Type-C adapter, so about both the power supply and the connection of monitors is possible. The Surface Pro (2017) is also 18 grams lighter and become a touch thinner.

Surface Pro (2017) with LTE

Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 title

The LTE model visually indistinguishable from the WiFi models. read that right: the new Surface Pro comes with optional LTE. Unfortunately, those interested will have to wait a little longer to the version with mobile radio module. While the WiFi versions from 15 June will be available, the LTE model follows a little later. When exactly, Microsoft has not betrayed.

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Microsoft has improved the display and the stylus

17227Surface Pro (2017): The new Surface Pen

The resolution and size of the 12.3-inch display has not changed in the new Surface Pro though, Microsoft has but the color display optimized and thus better equipped for professional use. The Surface stylus, which no longer included, now has 4,096 pressure levels and a position sensor. The direct connection with a new chip, the input delay has been reduced by half. One should write the new stylus like a real pen.

More power, longer battery life and no fan

Microsoft_Surface Pro

The Surface Pro (2017) received the new Intel processors, the seventh generation. In addition to the fanless model with the Core-m3 processor and the Intel Core i5 does not need to be actively cooled. Only the model with Core i7 processor has an active fan, but it works with a maximum of 18 dB and thus should hardly be heard. Despite the power increase, the new Surface Pro achieved a maturity of up to 13.5 hours while the Surface Pro 4 comes only to a maximum of 9 hours. What the term really fails a test will have to show.

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The price drops - at least at first glance

The Surface Pro 4 was being launched for 999 euros, the Surface Book (2017) costs only 949 euros. That is 50 euros less, but it is no more accessories are included. You have to not only buy the Type Cover expensive, but also the new Surface stylus. In the end, so you have to pay more than its predecessor, but also get a better - if not the best Windows-10-tablet. Anyone who owns a Surface Pro 4 does not have to change. Who wants to re-enter, should have direct access to the Surface Pro (2017).

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Surface Pro (2017) vs. Surface Pro 4: Technical data in comparison

modelSurface Pro (2017)Surface Pro 4
display12.3 inches Pixel Sense display with 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI), aspect ratio 3: 2
processorIntel Core m3-7Y30
Intel Core i5-7300U
Intel Core i7-7660U
Intel Core m3-6Y30
Intel Core i5-6300U
Intel Core i7-6650U
graphics unitIntel HD Graphics 615 (m3)
Intel HD Graphics 620 (i5)
Intel Iris Graphics Plus 640 (i7)
Intel HD Graphics 515 (m3)
Intel HD Graphics 520 (i5)
Intel Iris graphics (i7)
Storage128, 256, 512 or 1,024 GB
R.A.M.4, 8 or 16 GB
camerasWindows Hello camera on the front, 5 MP webcam on the front, 8-MP camera with autofocus on the backWindows Hello camera on the front, 8-MP webcam on the front, 8-MP camera with autofocus on the back
connectionsUSB 3.0, Surface connector, Mini DisplayPort, microSDHC memory card slot
connectivityWiFi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1, LTE (optional and later)WiFi IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0
operating systemWindows 10 Pro
Battery life13.5 hours9 hours
pricefrom 949 € *from 849 € *
price comparisonfollowsBest on


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