What’s IIRC? explains meaning of the abbreviation fast

Especially on the Internet readers and writers have little or no time. No wonder, then, that you want to save writing and typing. Many recurring terms and phrases have accordingly established as a shortcut, including the abbreviation "IIRC".

But what exactly does IIRC in chat, forum and in online games?

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IIRC: Abbreviation on the net - what does that mean?

Like so many abbreviations in the chat language, for. B. IDK, WTF and IMHO, also has "IIRC" originated in English.

  • Advertised means IIRC "If I Read Correctly".
  • Alternatively, you can here behind understand "If I Recall" or "If I Remember Correctly".
  • So translated in German means someone who writes IIRC "If I remember correctly," or "If I read this correctly."
  • Just like most other acronyms in the web is also "IIRC" used both small- and large-written.
  • Even if it is an English expression "IIRC" is often used by users in many German chats and forums.
  • Rarely, "WIMRE" is used instead of IIRC.
  • Written out the acronym carries the meaning "If I remember correctly," or "If I remember right."

What's IIRC? explains meaning of the abbreviation fast

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What does IIRC in the chat, forum and online games?

Sample sentences for use are:

  • "IIRC you must first download the new update."
  • "IIRC can you use WLAN in ICE only in the first class for free."

With us you will find numerous other explanations of common network concepts and -abkürzungen. So we clear about the question of why the sentence "The cake is a lie" so often happens online, what is meant by "Kawaii" and what is a "roflcopter".

What's IIRC? explains meaning of the abbreviation fast

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