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In 1981, the first music video from the television screens flickered. With "Video Killed the Radio Star" a new marketing tool for artists and labels was launched. Since then, the music channel MTV regularly showed the videos to popular songs. Over time, the clips were produced more complex. Already in the '80s Michael Jackson sat with his extra-long video for "Thriller" new standards.

The 10 most expensive music videos of all timeSource: Youtube

What emerged? A long line really expensive music clips. Worth it has for the artists, because they were able to push the single sales tidy. Especially in the 90's a lot of money was spent on music videos. At that time, the effects and post-production cost significantly more than today. The costumes, the setting and the dance choreography should not have been cheap. The 10 most expensive music videos you can read here.

The 10 Most Expensive Music Videos

10 Busta Rhymes feat. Janet Jackson "What's It Gonna Be?"

The video for this song was to cost the record company of the well-known for his tongue-twister rapper whopping 2.5 million US dollars. the clip by Hype Williams, who has already created some other really expensive videos in the music business was produced.

9 Mariah Carey feat. Jay-Z - "Heartbreaker"

Mariah Carey al describes the video of his their loved ones. The clip is from the year 1999 and has cost 2.5 million US dollars. It's kind of hard to believe. But perhaps the rental of cinema has cost so much. Possibly also wanted Jerry O'Connell a horrendous fee for his appearance. We do not know it. Entertaining the clip is definitely.

Mariah Carey - Heartbreaker

8 MC Hammer - "2Legit 2 Quit"

Who has not seen the video, which will feel a little reminiscent of the clips of Michael Jackson. Because in the beginning the viewer is presented with a plot, at least in the long version. James Brown is seen as Godfather. The MC Hammer Video has cost 2.5 million US dollars.

7 P Diddy (then Puff Daddy) feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes - "Victory"

This video has cost the rapper and his record company 2.7 million US dollars. Some films in Germany do not have a budget like this. The video was shortly before the tragic death of Notorious B.I.G. turned.

6 Guns N 'Roses - "Estranged"

Guns N 'Roses and their power ballads. The course must be accompanied response with moving pictures. The video shows clips of performances by the band and the story that will tell the song. Claimed the whole thing has 4 million US dollars. So a pretty penny.

5 Michael Jackson - "Black or White"

The King of Pop is also the King of expensive music videos. The video for "Black or White" has swallowed corresponding 4 million US dollars. For this, the entertainment value is also high. First, we get to see Macaulay Culkin in proven Kevin-style. After that failed Dancemooves occur pretty scenes turn. Jackson-style flat.

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4 Madonna - "Bedtime Stories"

The Queen of Pop considers it in terms more generous budget video just like King Michael. You can taste the cinematic presentation of their music really something. The music video to "Bedtime Stories" to have cost incredible five million US dollars. Was it worth it? See for yourself:

3 Madonna - "Express Yourself"

Also for this video Madonna has spent five million dollars. Therefore, it creates the singer in this ranking ever podium.

2 Madonna - "Die Another Day"

And again Madonna. The Queen of Pop is apparently likes in front in. A video from recent cost even more than the other two. For 6.1 million dollars they made the video for "Die Another Day" produce. The title was also a Bond song for the eponymous film starring Pierce Brosnan in the lead role. Since you can not be seen with a cheap video on MTV easy.


1 Michael Jackson feat. Janet Jackson - "Scream"

The song "Scream" was created against the background that Michael Jackson allegations were made because of child abuse. At his side stood in the song and the accompanying video sister Janet Jackson. At a cost of seven million US dollars, the clip is ranked as the most expensive music videos ranked first