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change Wi-Fi password in Android

  1. Generates a new password as described on page 1 and carry it into your router
  2. Opens on your Android device settings
  3. A simple tip to WLAN leads you to the list of all current wireless networks around you (you must not stop necessarily near your wireless network to change the password you, it makes sense to, however, that you check the success can)
  4. Give under password now the generated code

google-chrome-to-phoneIf you do not want to write off the entire key, you can check out the Chrome extension Google Chrome to Phone Extension make Use. This allows you to easily send links, telephone numbers and other text-based notes on your Android device.

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wireless password change ios-gigachange Wi-Fi password on iOS

  1. Proceeds as described on page 1 before and changes the password in your router
  2. Go on the iPhone or iPad now characteristics
  3. Gets here Wi-Fi / WLAN and click on the arrow next to the name of your Wi-Fi&Network; # 8211
  4. now selects from this Network
  5. taps again Wi-Fi , selects your network and give under password your new code


Listed you your new password in a safe place or accesses in an emergency on our other how-to, if you your Wi-Fi password have forgotten:

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