Amazon: Complaint submitted by phone and online – even after 30 days

Amazon you can submit a complaint, for example, if the item is damaged or simply because you do not like it. Amazon offers you in this a return period of 30 days &# 8211; but generally you can also file a complaint after the period of 30 days. In this article we show you how the complaint on Amazon works and what you need to consider their case.


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Amazon complaint: Terms and Conditions

If you want to make a complaint at Amazon, the online retailer offers you two different time limits:

  • Complaints within 30 days
  • Complaints outside of 30 days.

The complaint within 30 days via the online return center from Amazon and is generally the more recommendable option if you want to complain about a product, for example, because he did not like it. In case of defects or damage you may claim the article but also after the 30-day period. Here, you have the choice whether you want to let you deliver a new product to replace or prefer to get the money. To file a complaint, you've got to find with original packaging in the possession of the article in question. Also read well, how can you cancel an Amazon order or change.

Note: Although you can still complain, even after 30 days it is advisable to file a complaint as soon as possible. Check out the article therefore best immediately after receipt for possible defects.

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For example, the Amazon complaint works within 30 days

If you want to complain about a product within 30 days, the process is fairly straightforward. So you complained about a product from Amazon:

Amazon complaintsThe complaint in Amazon's done relatively easily and with a few clicks.
  1. Login you with your login information from Amazon one.
  2. Gets the top bar to the My Account section and change there to the tab My Orders.
  3. In the new window you can see an overview of your orders.
  4. Click here alongside the relevant items on the button to return items or replace.
  5. Now you come to a new menu where you still have to make some adjustments. Also, you can see here, the date by which the adoption by the online return center is possible.
  6. Give a reason as to why want to return her the item (not mandatory) and then select whether you take the complaint product simply want to get back only the money an Amazon gift certificate or a replacement item.
  7. After that, you just need to choose whether you will ship the items with DHL or Hermes.
  8. Then clicks Submit.

Connecting will be sent you a confirmation email &# 8211; Here you also get a label that you can print out and stick you on the package. 2- 3 days after receipt of the claimed article you get the appropriate replacement.

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complain Amazon product after 30 days

After the expiry of 30 days, it is still possible to complain about an article &# 8211; but then no longer runs through the online redemption central Amazon. If the item is incorrect, faulty or have damaged her up to two years after receipt of the delivery Time to complain about an article.

  • Amazon recommends the product to send initially under the manufacturer's warranty the manufacturer directly.
  • On the help page from Amazon for servicing *Amazon: Complaint submitted by phone and online - even after 30 daysfinds her a list of manufacturer's service information for the different product groups.
  • If it is not possible to claim the item from the manufacturer, you should contact the Amazon Hotline.
  • If you send back the product then to Amazon, you should make sure the complete article with all parts as well (provided any) to send the warranty card.
  • You can also Article from Marketplace sellers of Amazon complaint &# 8211; In this case, however, you've got to put directly with the dealer.

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