WhatsApp and iOS 11: Releases Update for problems with iPhone notifications

Owners of an iPhone 8 iPhone 7 and other iPhones currently have a problem with WhatsApp and push notifications. New messages are simply not displayed. Now there is new information to a solution.

WhatsApp and iOS 11: Releases Update for problems with iPhone notifications

WhatsApp does not show any notifications to the iPhone

Updated on 10.22.2017, 12:00: WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update to version 2.17.70. So that the problems will finally be solved with the notifications. Has solved the problem with you?

Updated on 10.19.2017, 10:50: WhatsApp is working on a solution to the problem with the missing notifications on iOS 11 on many iPhones. According to latest information, a new version is already being tested at which the problem is no longer to emerge:

but currently is not yet known when the update is released. Once this is the case, we will inform you.

Original Article from 10.10.2017:

WhatsApp for iPhone has received an update a few days ago, which is version 2.17.60. Since the update complain primarily owners of iPhones you that are displayed on the home screen notifications of new messages. It also appears no small number on WhatsApp logo of the app, where normally displays how many new messages you have received since you last opened from WhatsApp. The error does not restrict itself to a particular model. Several iPhone users with newer and older smartphones have the same problems. WhatsApp is simply silently in the background.

Only when you open WhatsApp itself on its icon, you get new messages appear. This is of course very annoying, especially if you expect important messages and these are simply not displayed.

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Is there a solution to the problem?

Currently not, because it seems probably a problem in WhatsApp to act themselves. There are also not affected all users. New messages are delayed or not displayed when you open the app. An interaction with iOS 11 would of course be possible. As the problem is only since the last update, chances are pretty good that it can be corrected again.

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Who important news is expected by WhatsApp and affected by the problem really should just open the Messenger periodically manually. So you do not run the risk of missing important information. Otherwise, you have to just hope that WhatsApp resolve the issue with the next update.

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