Add, edit Facebook Credits and Download Template

In times of warning waves is also wanted each seemingly small gap online to also send web page and blog operators a salted warning. Anyone who runs a website, a blog or an online shop on the web, necessarily need a legal notice with important data of the provider, for. As the name and address to install. Even if you operate a Facebook page, which is not used for private purposes, a legal notice is prescribed.

Add, edit Facebook Credits and Download Template

Especially on the social network are many fallen into the trap Imprint and so have a thick warning statement again found in the mailbox. A missing or hidden Legal constitutes a violation of ยง 5 of the Telemedia Act. Here, a Facebook imprint is created quickly and easily.

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Add Facebook Contacts: goes like this&# 8217; s

  • In March 2014, Facebook has the ability to insert a legal notice to pages much easier.
  • Now you can make public pages quite safe with little effort.
  • Open your page in Facebook.
  • Calls on the settings.
  • Changes in the area &# 8220; Refresh page info&# 8221 ;.
  • Here you will find the option &Contacts; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  • There you will insert the legally binding text and saves the change.
  • The Facebook Contacts can include 1,500 characters.

Since July, it is also possible to let that show in the app on Android and iOS Facebook Imprint. The imprint can be found in the section &# 8220; Info&# 8221 ;. In mobile view, the right font found at &# 8220; more information&# 8221 ;.

facebook-imprint-giga-appleThe Facebook Contacts GIGA APPLE

Original article in September 2013:

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Insert Facebook Imprint: What data are needed?

As with all Web sites also applies to Contacts on Facebook: It must be clearly visible and easily accessible. Have already been reprimanded site operators in previous cases that have the imprint simply hides behind the info box on the Facebook page, you can now rely on this possibility, in the judgment of the District Court Bochum in February. The imprint has to be entered in text form. Information in an image is not enough. The registered in the info field imprint is visible even in the mobile version of Facebook. Another criterion to avoid an unwanted warning ...

facebook-imprint-create-screenshotCreated a Facebook Contacts with the generator (screenshot: eRecht24)

Do you want to submit it to the Info box, open your Facebook page, click on the "About" section and select with the left mouse button on the "About" box. Give one as heading and in the text field the necessary data for the imprint. This includes your name, complete address, email address, and phone number. Traders need to enter the legal form, as well as revenue-identification number in the imprint also. Also, any existing registration number, as well as chamber belong to the information required in Imprint

Click here for the Imprint generator*

Make a Facebook Contacts with generator

Shall ye not bother with the cumbersome installation work of the Facebook imprint, you can fall back on the net on various Facebook Contacts generators such. As the provider eRecht24. Here you give only the important data step by step and get at the end of the prefabricated Contacts for Facebook, however, must in advance for yet &# 8220; I like it&# 8221; click.

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