Gallows Movie review: If you only see a horror film this year – then please do not these!

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The horror film Geht's good again. The genre has freed itself with its own forces from a phase of creative stagnation. Where long time was only tortured primarily continued and hectic wobbled with the camera, now flourish with regularity fresh ideas and interesting variations known horror motifs. Movies like "It Follows", "The Babadook", "Creep" or "Unfriended" make clever name for itself with its unusual concepts and overlap at times even successfully into the mainstream before. While yet the horror film has long since not yet regained its former strength, more and more young film makers and film makers looking at this immensely complex genre because they can experiment here and provoke. A cultural state we horror fans should appreciate much more, because "Gallows - Each school has a secret" proves how fast it can go downhill with the horror film again.

The best thing about the found footage entry "The Gallows" is that you really get fancy a good horror film after his tiring 81 minutes. The ordeal that you experienced here, immediately arouses interest after a successful genre representative who actually dominates the struck up in "The Gallows" keyboard. A vengeful spirit, digital credibility of a cheap hand-held camera and the horror indefinite shadows in dark cellars - the found footage Groove can go with these notes correctly under the skin. "The Gallows" sounds, however, like a three year old on a broken Bontempi organ. Slanted, annoying and unintentionally funny.

Gallows Movie review: Slanted, annoying and unintentionally funny

Yes, "Gallow" is a bad horror movie. Fans of the found footage genre get here exactly three halfway reasonable jump scare. That was it then but also already. More gibt`s not be seen here. The rest is absurd bad drama performances, a clumsy constructed ghost story and gaaaaanz much boredom. Phew, especially boredom. It takes an eternity until the paranormal finally preparing to rattle a few doors or schupsen an extremely unlikable protagonist a bit. Scary is not for now. Rather eerily bloodless and incredibly transparent staged.

Here you could wish for in "Gallows" nothing so much as that the four US teens who are trapped overnight in the theater of their high school will be eliminated in a brutal manner possible out of life. Rarely so charmless characters are me come across in my movie career.

Gallows film criticismCast from Hell: The cast of &# 8220; The Gallows&# 8221; make us damn hard to build bonds

The mangy man for example, who brought us conceivable according uninspired Found food day conventions with his camera the shaky footage that is at the beginning of the strip proper Arschgeige that seems to consist only of spitefulness and sexist flat jokes.

In itself not a problem. Such a mounted figure may eventually be fun in a horror movie, or even play a central role for the narrative whole. Since we both directors Travis Cluf and Chris Lofing but actually keep this Ekelpaket as one of the primary identification areas under the already gerümpfte nose, without that the character in the course of the film would convert anyway, saying goodbye emotionally sooner or later completely from "Gallows". Indifference sets in.

only an arrogant know-it, a dumpfbackiger football player and a corrosive asocial cheerleader remain namely left. And one would like to, I said it before, see rather die than spend any more time with them. So one longs in the last act only after the redemption. Which comes in the form of an extremely implausible resolution that large parts of the action absurdity and also acts as an involuntary parody of a great classic of the horror genre. In other words: &# 8220; Gallows&# 8221; failed all along the line.

Conclusion: No total loss

"Gallows" is certainly not a total loss. There is a beginning, an end, and in between a botched but told quite existing ghost story. By the current horror TÜV these strips will not come anyway. The fear remains as good as made, the characters are, how shall I put it - shit - and commonly known qualities of found footage approach will all be left woefully. Entirely predictable and shock-free of the mundane horrors of abstruse story unfolds in front of the camera. "Gallows" is so far the most superfluous and boring contribution to the horror 2015. Moving on, here there is absolutely nothing to see.


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