Lufthansa flight cancel: So it’ll work without problems

Your Lufthansa flight can cancel if something unexpected happens and you can not begin their journey. In the following guide, we explain how the process occurs in the individual and what you have to pay to cancel the Lufthansa flight.

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Cancel Lufthansa flight &# 8211; requirements

In general, you can cancel any Lufthansa flight &# 8211; are excluded only with the Lufthansa Miles & More program acquired Award tickets that are not handled by Lufthansa (More information about the cancellation of award tickets can be found on the website of Miles & More). In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  • The cancellation must be made no later than one day prior to departure.
  • You can perform (more on that below) Contact the cancellation either online or by phone Lufthansa. As you Lufthansa contacted you read the following article: Lufthansa hotline - all numbers at a glance.
  • The cancellation of the Lufthansa flight is possible both tickets that you have bought yourself at Lufthansa as well as tickets that you have booked her in a travel agency. However, in the latter case you have to contact the relevant travel agent: The office will then carry out the cancellation and take care of the reimbursement of their tickets.
  • Currently, you can only cancel an entire book and not as for tickets Flight individual participants. If you have questions on this to the Lufthansa Service Center.

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 Cancel Lufthansa flight &# 8211; How it works&# 8217; s

  1. First calls the Lufthansa website.
  2. then give the menu item My bookings your last name and booking code &# 8211; alternatively you can register with your login, if you own one.
  3. an overview of your bookings now appears &# 8211; selects the Lufthansa flight, the want to cancel it and click on the button Cancel.
  4. On the next page you your choice must confirm again.

In order for the cancellation of the Lufthansa flight is complete and you get the fare in the coming days refunded (see the next section).

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Cancel Lufthansa flight &# 8211; Fees and reimbursement

If you cancel your Lufthansa flight, fees are due. The fees vary depending on the fare and go up to 30, - EUR for cancellation &# 8211; more information You can extract the documents that you received with the booking.

  • The fees for the cancellation will be deducted from the original ticket price &# 8211; the rest of the amount charged from the Lufthansa subsequently.
  • The refund will be made to the same account with which the original booking was handled and takes 2-3 business days.
  • The cancellation can you perform online and in the case when you have paid in cash the ticket (for example, in a Lufthansa office). Lufthansa contacted you after the online cancellation and you give to a bank account in which the amount will be refunded paid.
  • The refund will be generally in the same currency with the have booked their ticket.
  • Fees as rebooking or excess baggage are generally not reimbursed.
  • More information about changes you will find in the article Lufthansa to rebook - how it works and so is it with the cost.

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