Mass Effect – Andromeda: All glyphs puzzle – Relic decryption with pictures

As a kind of Sudoku puzzles &# 8211; only glyphs instead of numbers &# 8211; these are the puzzles in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Not everyone likes Sudoku and understands this relic puzzles. For this reason, we have solved the relic decryption for you and show you the results with pictures and videos.

The Relics and artifacts play a special role in Mass Effect: Andromeda. You have access not only during major and minor tasks on this leading-edge technology. Also, just like that when driving around with the Nomad finds her relics, which are provided with puzzles. They run all follow the same pattern, but are becoming heavier throughout history. For this reason, we want to help you in this with a useful tip, to resolve any glyph puzzles within seconds.

12345Mass Effect - Andromeda: made relic decryption easily

The Relic decryption can you give you also, if you possess a special item that solves the puzzle for you. This assistance is switched off but with some puzzles. Who is not familiar with Sudoku or does not think much of these brain teasers, may like our solutions on Relic decryption in Mass Effect: Access Andromeda.

Click to visit the following Bilderstrecke all localities of the consoles as well as the solutions to the puzzles.Start Photogallery(22 images)Mass Effect - Andromeda: sites and solutions all glyphs puzzle

So the puzzles run into ME: Andromeda from

Early in the game you will meet your first vault. Here you get to know the glyph puzzles. The whole thing works like a kind of Sudoku &# 8211; only symbols. You must note that a sign only once horizontally, vertically and are in a form may. At the beginning it is still easy, because the forms are only squares. Later, however, solves this pattern and the puzzles are already severe.

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You see red question mark in the relic decryption, you have to first look for the appropriate glyphs. Mostly there are two. Can not you see the sign, it is a simple trick. Use the scanner and start with the puzzle console. Here run yellow lines to the glyphs along. Have you found it, you have it then just scan and already you can set you to work.

The glyphs are usually located near the console.The glyphs are usually located near the console.

Tip for easy decryption: with override to success

You might already the Decryption override noticed whatever is under the puzzle. So you can namely automatically solve puzzles, if you should be too heavy. Stupid, you lose but then the key. Throughout the story you get a relic key while you on Aya you can buy another one. but it costs you 3,600 credits. Over the Quest &# 8220; Movie Night: Snacks&# 8221; you have to find for Suvi a plant on Aya. So you get to the General store. The trader is on the market.

Start Photogallery(11 images)Top 10 PC Games 2016 Annual Review Here you find the general store that sold you a relic key.Here you find the general store that sold you a relic key.

Do you have a relic key in possession, you have now only save before the mystery. Opens the console and uses the key. the solution you will be displayed for the glyph puzzles that you should take a take a picture. Now you can easily reset the score and enter the solution.

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