Soundbar or 5.1: pre – and disadvantages at a glance

Soundbar or maybe a full 5.1 sound system? Anyone who has a new TV for his home theater acquired and now wants to improve the audio experience accordingly, is faced with the question of how should it proceed exactly. We show you in this department consulting the advantages and disadvantages of a sound bar or a 5.1 system and explain what the audio systems differ.

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5.1 sound systems are standard in home cinema for years. As a rule, these are by 5 same speakers that the "ambient sound" generated by the respective position in space (English: Surround &# 8211; Surround). Here are usually two speakers next to the television, two diagonally behind the viewer and placing a and a subwoofer under the TV. however, sound bars are elongated "bars" that are placed under the TV screen, and usually contain a left and right speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

Soundbar or buy 5.1 Some sound bars are connected to external subwoofers. Pictured: Samsung via Amazon*

Soundbar or 5.1 &# 8211; Pros and cons of a sound system

5.1 sound systems enable you with movies a realistic audio experience, provided the raw material 5.1 sound support (most modern films is the case). The sound of passing vehicles travel from the left to the right, sounds and voices be heard at the respective correct position. For this you need the 5.1. but only properly set up sound system, connect up and set it. Especially if you have not done anything like that is not easy.

On top of that you have to hang out in accordance with the five speakers and five cable in space and you have to accommodate only once this. If the speaker is open in space, resulting in part an ugly picture, perhaps you can see the cable does not hide under the carpet or other furniture. Last but not least, one should also remember that you need plenty of space for five speakers. Especially in smaller rooms putting up a 5.1 system can thus be a real problem.

5.1 home theater systemThe various components of a 5.1 system. Pictured: Samsung via Amazon

Another difficulty arises from the fact that the 5.1 speakers are not necessarily compatible with all playback devices. A passive 5.1 sound system requires its own amplifier that you have to schedule when purchasing as well. Alternatively, you can resort to an active sound system that has been installed on the receiver.

Here again all the pros and cons of a 5.1 sound system in tabular overview:

Very good sound experiencecomplicated setup
Can be set up individuallyNeeds lots of space
Wide range of systemsNot compatible with all devices

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Buy Soundbar? Per &# 8211; and cons at a glance

Sound bars have become increasingly popular in recent years. certainly plays a role that the elongated speaker systems are easy to set up and fit very well even in smaller rooms. No matter whether you're the soundbar for a large flat-screen TV *Soundbar or 5.1: pre - and disadvantages at a glance want to use or PC &# 8211; from the square, there are usually no problems. The connections for the Soundbar are usually located at the back &# 8211; Therefore, the cable disappears discreetly under the TV or the TV cabinet. When the soundbar is then also color-coordinated with the environment, it falls almost did not occur.

Soundbar or 5/1 Product ImagePhoto: Goran Bogicevic

The main disadvantage of a soundbar that they can not compete with a full 5.1 sound system sound. For everyday use, a sound bar may be sufficient and better than the built-in speaker of a TV is all, but of course they do not come close to the sound experience of separately distributed in the room speakers. Finally, a sound bar imitates surround sound &# 8211; real surround sound but there is only a 5.1 system.

Advantages and disadvantages of sound bars:

easy setup
Also suitable for small spacesNo individual configuration
Better than standard TV speakersNot a true surround sound

Soundbar or 5.1 system: Conclusion

You have very little space in your living room or you set up the various speakers too cumbersome, you are well served with a sound bar. it recommended entry-level models get with built subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity for just 100 euros *Soundbar or 5.1: pre - and disadvantages at a glance, which in any case better than the standard speakers of your TVs are. In this price range but you can already 5.1. Buy Sound Systems *Soundbar or 5.1: pre - and disadvantages at a glance &# 8211; and receive in any case a better sound.

Ultimately, it comes a little depends on for what you want to use your sound system. want to experience in all its glory when you look regularly movies or new games and sonically, the purchase of a 5.1 sound system is always worthwhile if you have the space for it. Watches her only now and TV, however, such as the news, documentaries or other "normal" television programs can interfere with a sound system even &# 8211; a sound bar sounds decent in this case.


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