iPhone 5s: Display broken – now what?

The display of the iPhone 5s is the first thing you notice about the device. Especially if it is chipped. What can you do in this case annoying and how deep you have to grab for the different solutions in the bag, we show you here.

iPhone 5s: Display broken - now what?

One of the outstanding features of the new Apple smartphone is the interface between man and machine - so the iPhone 5s display. All the more annoying if it breaks when dropped. Splinter in the finger, limited operation or absolutely catastrophic failure will result. But is not all lost. Finally, there is still to get the phone back very diverse ways. Be it under Apple's warranty, using a repair service or even an iPhone 5s repair on their own.

Option 1: Apple Store or an authorized service provider (ASP). Both use original spare parts directly from Apple. In both you can seek advice first if at the Genius Bar or the branch of the ASP. However, both will reject under warranty in most cases the free repair. An iPhone finally drops down not by itself and as guarantees almost never cover self-inflicted defects, you will here usually a fee not get around. But try making "kluch" and costs nothing to ask.

Fortunately, there are a few other ways in which you come to an iPhone 5s display changes, even without Apple's warranty. Are you the repair costs at Apple or any of the ASP too high, you can of course the iPhone also first just use more - including "Spiderman App". Just stupid when it is so strong splintered that you can not even really enjoy the beautiful display. Therefore, we strongly advise you to one of the following options.

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repaired iPhone 5s display

Mobile phone repairs, there are now on every corner. It seems as if would have anyone who can hold a screwdriver decided, from now on smartphones repair. Of course, there are also serious and especially qualified provider. but it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Who advertises original spare parts should be able to explain exactly where they come from. Complete original components can only Apple and offer the ASP. Even after repair, a provider can stand out even by knowledgeable and friendly customer service from the competition. So: Just ask and possibly inquire about complaint options that you may not stand in the rain later will left.

  • First checks at an Apple Store or an authorized service provider, if you your iPhone 5s display gets possibly repaired under a guarantee. The friendly girls and guys at the Genius Bar help you in any case continue - and in branches of the service provider ought ye to be always properly advised. Where to find the respective businesses, reveals Apple's own list. The cost of a display out of warranty repair amount to the iPhone 5s to about 141 euros. The sum, however, can be adjusted on site, depending on how your display in a particular case looks.
  • But not only Apple itself and its partners offer solid quality repairs from trusted home. Fixxoo * has established itself as one of the largest suppliers to the German-speaking countries and does smartphone repairs of any kind via shipping. The practical repair selector on the website shows you as an honest price. Spare parts are extremely high, also are Fixxoo one year warranty.
  • Besides Fixxoo also iDoc.eu be mentioned as another trusted provider of smartphone and tablet repairs. Here you can also repair your iPhone 5s display via stores. Simply return the defective unit and some days later get back by post (depending on usage). The current price for the repair of an iPhone 5s display is 139 euros. Many positive reviews on Google and a reasonable, transparent FAQ leave a good impression. Add to this a guarantee on repair and built parts of 6 months.

repair iPhone 5s display itself

FixxooDIY-Productart_3-5s-DE-W + G

But why not lend a hand and while saving money? The iPhone 5s may seem firmly locked, but opened within the shortest time and changed the display. Everything you need can be found easily on eBay or Amazon. With the plethora of replacement displays and tools you should however be lured not only by low prices. All too cheap it should not be, because then it is very likely that the merchant has stint on quality when shopping.

was exactly paid attention to the quality of the complete set of GIGA & Fixxoo for the repair of the iPhone display. Part of the set is a high-quality spare parts, suitable tool (not for single use only) and a magnetic coil map. The many screws must be used exactly where they were taken and ye have their respective positions at a glance. In addition an illustrated guide that every step of the exchange iPhone 5s display accurately illustrated.

Who prefers moving pictures can view the appropriate video instructions and tinker parallel. So nothing can go wrong and if they even have any questions or problems, there is an extensive FAQ collection, where most of the answers are already written. For everything else you is a friendly and competent customer service. You see, it's also quick and easy, without having to accept compromises in quality into account. Also, you your smartphone with the repair give never out of hand and can immediately reuse - with a brand new display, of course. Here you can find the repair kits:

Buy now from € 49.95 at Amazon!*

The buyers of Amazon are satisfied! Here is an excerpt of the reviews on Amazon *:

I can not see any drawbacks &# 8220; Look & Feel&# 8221; is as before.


This has made 100% paid. The iPhone is now as good as new !!


Super part, have no difference to the original recognized.

-Marcel Rapske


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