Activate WhatsApp camera and a quick photo or video shoot

The WhatsApp camera is handy to quickly make a video or a picture without leaving the app. Android which a camera has an icon, but with iOS fast snapshot is somewhat hidden. We show you where to find the WhatsApp camera.

WhatsApp can send more than just text messages. In addition to text and voice recordings, there is the possibility to send photos. But that need not necessarily be snapped with a different camera app. Because the user with a WhatsApp camera directly available to shoot quickly contact a live snapshot or to turn a small movies. The end result is compressed anything in or out, and then goes on a journey to the receiver. For this you have to leave the app is not one second. But as you come in the chat window to the WhatsApp camera?

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use WhatsApp camera on Android

With respect to some properties, the WhatsApp versions on the iPhone and on Android phones differ. This includes the way you activate the camera WhatsApp can.

For Android phones, the WhatsApp camera has its own Quickshot IconFor Android phones, the WhatsApp camera has its own Quickshot Icon

With Android, you have the input line for the text in the middle. Left a small icon, you reach with the WhatsApp smileys. The far right is a small icon for voice messages and other audio recordings. And to the left you see a thick icon of a camera. Here you call in WhatsApp the camera on and then can still choose between a photo and video recording.

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enable WhatsApp camera on the iPhone

So easy and clear as Android is not the iPhone strangely. Here are of the input line only right the icon incorporating sound left arrow in the circle.

we reach the WhatsApp camera on the iPhone under the & quot; one-for-all button enters & quot;we reach the WhatsApp camera on the iPhone under the &# 8220; one-for-all button&# 8221;

The WhatsApp camera reaches its the iPhone under the &# 8220; one-for-all button&# 8221;

  • This meaningless circle is the gateway to the "broadcasting center". Tap on this.
  • Now the options to send photos, videos, contacts and location open. You find there is also the option "Photo or video record".
  • If you typed out you reach the WhatsApp camera.

One can certainly argue about whether this is now solved better or worse. But if you now and is switching to the other camp, we now at least know how to, da WhatsApp the camera. One should never stop learning, do you?


If one then wants to send her videos with WhatsApp, one should think of the thereby caused traffic! So a video can sometimes have several MB in size, and if you are not located when sending in a WLAN, shipping is attributed to the smartphone traffic. If you have a general data plan, it does not matter. Otherwise, one should perhaps sometimes think about a special rate with a built WhatsApp flat rate *. Or just wait to send the videos and images until you are back in a wireless network!


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