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Who still at home repeater or more access points adjacent to the main router (dt. Access points) used for wireless coverage, uses very likely already WLAN roaming. What does this mean exactly and how home can improve their WLAN roaming yet, we tell you the following guide.

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If your wireless router can not supply the whole apartment or the house with Internet, you probably already uses more routers or repeaters, which you pass the wireless signal. Provided that the different radio cells (repeaters and access points) use it the same network, operate your devices already Wi-Fi roaming.

If you general tips examines how you can optimize your Wi-Fi, you can find these in this article: Optimizing WLAN - Faster, further, better! WLAN roaming should not be confused with the data roaming your smartphones her there. What it's all about, you experience the following article: What is roaming &# 8211; All about roaming charges and data tariffs abroad.

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What's WLAN Roaming? &# 8211; Easily explained

Router as a repeater AVM Fritz! Box CoverIf there are more repeaters or access points are in your home network in addition to the wireless router that broadcast the same network, to your wireless device must decide to which connection to use it. Roaming means here translated &# 8220; wander&# 8221 ;, the device thus automatically connects (in the ideal case) with the strongest received radio network, this in turn is used as the actual &# 8220; wireless roaming&# 8221; designated.

Roaming and the choice of transmission source is dependent on the device itself there. The so-called handover (changing the router or repeater), it can, for short-term slump connection come. You can do this, for example verolgen well in a video call or download, if you change the room with your device. If the device while decides to use another router, because the minimum signal strength is not reached, or if the device wants to connect with the stronger power, may cause brief interruptions or disruptions of network and data connection.

Tips for better wireless roaming

a so-called &# 8220; seamless&# 8221; (Dt. Seamless) roaming as it exists in the industry and many companies will not easily be at home possible. Professional equipment like wireless controller *What is Wi-Fi roaming? Declaration & amp; Optimization tips cost several hundred euros. By following these tips, you can the impact of the handover but also with commercial routers and repeaters decrease.

  • To facilitate the wireless devices the handover should all repeaters and routers the same wireless network name (SSID) and use the same password and Verschlüsselsungsverfahren.
  • In another (connected via LAN) router or access point that uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band, another channel should be selected. Since the radio channels overlap strongly at 2.4 GHz, you should leave at least 4 channels between the various APs free. For example, one can use for four different Router as the channels 1, 5, 9 and 13. FIG.
  • Repeater send out communication purposes forcibly on the same channel as the router, the signal of which they pass. However, that affects the data rate. Here therefore better suited a dual band repeater *What is Wi-Fi roaming? Declaration & amp; Optimization tips. This has two wireless modules. Characterized routers and repeaters can, for example, at the 5 GHz frequency band and the same channel to communicate and send it over the wireless signal in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and different channels from.

Wi-Fi roaming with repeater

At the end of the day WLAN roaming remains but client-based. That is, if your device (etc. smartphone, tablet, laptop) hires stupid and partout not want to automatically changing over to the stronger-Fi, you will remain no choice but to manually set as the sender.