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This Data Becker: Graphic Works Download is the last downloadable version of the powerful drawing and design program.

Since the manufacturer Data Becker has unfortunately now ceased operations, there is no development of more in-house software. Data Becker Graphic Works is a comprehensive, powerful 2D design program for each area. Due to its compatibility with AutoCAD it can also be used system-access and is an inexpensive alternative to the market leader. However, there is just no support and no future versions more.

Data Becker Graphic Works try

This installation version of Data Becker Graphic Works is a demo that day is functional in full for three. so it is suitable to test the program for a while, to then possibly. to decide to purchase one. Full versions of this program can be found still at Amazon or Ebay.

Data Becker Graphic Works superficialityGraphic Works is compatible with AutoCAD

Of the Graphic Works Download includes about 170 MB and comes as licensable full version. So if you have already lost a license code, but the program who can thus re-install and activate it to the full version.

Data Becker Graphic Works has around 400 supplied sample projects from various areas. Thus one can theoretically get started immediately or only once to try the operation of the program. The clear and intuitive user interface also offers a very comprehensive symbol library and tools for the display of spaces and walls.

Those who are familiar with such programs, will find their way here now. However, one should not set expectations too high in compatibility with AutoCAD. Since Data Becker Graphic Works is already a few years old and AutoCAD has evolved in time, it is safe here and there give Import problems.

Amazon, the program fairly good reviews, said above all the ease of use and the extent of tools and symbols will be highlighted. Above all, the value for money is unbeatable. The program was earlier very reasonably priced. Meanwhile, you can slam on eBay with a little luck for around 20 euros!

  • Very affordable
  • AutoCAD-compatible
  • No support
  • no further

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