The Elder Scrolls Online: Complete solution of the Main Quest

If you have just decided you to The Elder Scrolls Online:'re Tamriel Unlimited to play on your next-gen console or not yet too far arrived in the PC or last-gen version, we want you here in our complete solution Tips and tricks for Main Quest of all three factions offer.

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Overall, the main Quest series includes 15 missions, which are independent of your chosen fraction. In the center of each of the Prophet, the companions of the emperor Varen and the emperor himself, Cadwell and of course Molag Bal and Mannimarco stand.

Of course, that should be you in a complete solution, however, aware of our Walktrough is full of spoilers for ESO. We mention only a precaution in passing.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Prophet load screen

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The Elder Scrolls Online &# 8211; Complete solution: Seelenberaubt in Cold Harbor

As always in the history of the Elder Scrolls you start robbed in Tamriel Unlimited as a prisoner of your memory and your abilities. Moves you out of your cell to the cell door, until Lyris titanium child gives you freedom. Leave the dungeon and follow the tutorial notes.

The tower of the eyes

Once you let the wailing dungeon and the Bloody forged behind you, you can measure you a little bit with the present here Daedra and zombies. This drop sometimes equipment with which her early your skills in each category can upgrade.

Have you finally a cold harbor guard in one of the towers of the eyes defeated (either it creeps you from behind when the Broken looks away, or you use a ranged attack), you come to Cadwell, a mad knight who you into the way forward Molag Bal has.

the substructure

Lyris follows the locked gate, cracking the lock to get into the base. Here also many weapons lying around on the ground, which you can collect and equip either or collect in order to utilize it later for raw materials.

The cell of the Prophet

Let her the caves finally behind you, protecting their Lyris two Daedra while freeing the prophet out of his prison. Enables the two locks and the exchange is complete. Now talk to the Prophet and led him into the next chamber, the anchorage.

The anchorage

Here you meet for the first time on Molag Bal. but has no time to ask you personally, sending instead the child's bones, the first bosses. The defeated her but with the just learned in no time, the prophet are you doing good backup.

Arrival in Tamriel

Speak after the battle with the Prophet, who then summons a sky shard. It activates and you come shortly thereafter in your faction starting area. In Tamriel arrived, you can now talk to the spirit of the prophet who has landed on the return journey at a different location. He advises you that you now should accept some quests to rise somewhat in the level, and promises to sign up again. The sealed ballot box that you receive from him, includes the starter kit for your chosen class.

rewards for &# 8220; Seelenberaubt in cold port&# 8221;

  • Sealed box (containing starter Equipment)
  • 1 Sky Shard
  • 1 skill point
  • ~1000 EP

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