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After years of speculation about a successor, Resident Evil 7 appears now with a new graphics engine and new first-person view is definitely the beginning of 2017. In addition, the seventh part of the technology of the PlayStation will support VR and the first trailer can return to more horror atmosphere hope than in the action-heavy Resident Evil. 6

Resident Evil 7 in the preview:

26424Resident Evil 7 preview

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Resident Evil 7: More horror first-person

If you look at the first trailer for Resident Evil 7 to the developers of Capcom lay apparently more emphasis on creepy atmosphere and shocking moments. Many series fans included the sixth part too much action and too little horror. Resident Evil 7 proposes here apparently again in another direction and recalls in the first images more like a Silent Hill.

The Survival-adventure runs with the new RE engine that can represent especially objects with different surface characteristics photorealistic. but one of the great innovations is the game perspective. You experience the events completely out of the first-person view, which of course makes the immersion even more intense in a horror game.

Resident Evil 7: Back to the roots? The new part sprayed more horror atmosphere again.Resident Evil 7: Back to the roots? The new part sprayed more horror atmosphere again.

If that is not enough and a PlayStation 4 has, the game can also fully play with PlayStation VR. So you can watch the game world in 360 degrees can affect you, and you will probably slip even in the pants again and the heart.

Resident Evil 7 Demo

Directly to the announcement at E3 2016 PlayStation 4 with Plus membership access is given to an exclusive demo owners in which you can make you ever seen a picture of Resident Evil. 7 Demo versions for PC and Xbox One should also follow soon.

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Resident Evil 7 release and platforms

Resident Evil 7 appears at Jan. 24, 2017 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

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