No Man’s Sky: All spaceships Overview

In No Man&# 8217; s Sky roams their planets and solar systems in search of the galaxy's center. Armed with technical skill and its own encyclopedia of all the discoveries you'll switch between All and planets surface. For this, you will control hunting or develop many a spaceship. What spaceships are there and what their functions are, we show you on this page.

No Man's Sky: Alle Raumschiffe im Überblick

The size of No Man&# 8217; s Sky is impressive. The game world has a lot to discover and explore. For that you need a suitable spaceship, which you can even gradually build or units (The in-game currency) to purchase, which can in turn obtain it by trading on space stations. You have collected enough of these coins, you can you choose one of the different types of spacecraft and launch. Also read our Beginner's Guide to No Man&# 8217; s Sky.

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No Man&# 8217; s Sky: The various spaceships Overview

You should carefully consider how you want to travel you through the galaxy before you buy you for the hard-earned units a ship. So far, three different classes are known, which we would like to introduce you in detail.

battleships &# 8211; The Hunter's Path

it interested you for an adventure filled with plasma bursts and action-packed space battles? Then you buy a battle ship and includes you among different factions. Hunters can withstand more damage and are very agile. If you should have your problems with the Sentinels, you have it a lot easier when you fought them from a hunting spacecraft. Invest a few extra units in upgrades and you become the terror of the universe.

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discoverer &# 8211; faster on

The second class of spaceships in No Man&# 8217; s are the Sky Explorer. With this discovery ships it has very good Hyper drives and comes quickly to distant places. This includes, for example, the center of the galaxy.

transport ships &# 8211; The dealer

This spaceship type you focus on trade routes. Flying them and you will be able to accumulate a decent fortune over time. Of course you can focus you on the planet and invite numerous materials in your large cargo space. But beware! could your valuable goods Space Pirates attract, why do you good to you Weapons and shields should buy, that you may be an easy target.


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