Altobelli: Meaning and Translation

"Altobelli, did you see that?". In 2016, though not as common, but even today the term "altobelli" is still heard from the one or the other mouth and read in various social media. But what does this "altobelli" anyway?

Examples of the use of the term are "Altobellli, my skull. Yesterday I drank ten beers., "Or" Altobelli, that Messi plays again amazing today. ".

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What does "altobelli"?

  • "Altobelli" is an expression of wonder or amazement.
  • The term can also be used if you want to highlight positive action or condition.
  • The word is used colloquially, but is increasingly rare to hear these days.
  • A direct translation of "Altobelli" in German does not exist.
  • Synonymous with "Altobelli" can also use the network shortcuts "omg" or "wtf" is used.
  • Also "Alter Schwede" can be used in a similar context as &# 8220; altobelli&# 8221; be said.
shutterstock_293973998With &# 8220; Altobelli&# 8221; expresses one of astonishment.

Alessandro Altobelli is a former football player from Italy. The striker was part of the Italian national team that could win the World Cup in 1982. In the final, Alessandro Altobelli scored the 3: 1 win the 3: 0th Opponents was then Germany. In the 1986 World Cup, the Italian shot is 4 of 5 goals for the Italian national team. Due to its remarkable performance, the term "Altobelli" nationalized one in the German vocabulary, but the name has no entry in the dictionary.

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Altobelli: Meaning in German

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