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Of the Malwarebytes Download is a useful and sometimes even necessary complement your other anti-virus software, which pulls another layer of protection against malicious programs on your system. A member of the development team of Malwarebytes himself recommended, as anti-virus software Avira AntiVir or Microsoft Security Essentials to use.

What would Malwarebytes Portable well?

A Malwarebytes Portable-Version would make an installation unnecessary and make it possible to start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware simply from a USB stick. So far, such a version has not been officially developed and released. There have been attempts by fans to tinker such a portable version itself, but they are not officially supported. Developers Malwarebytes even asked not to disclose the appropriate software on, as they may be they will eventually even bring out such a version. Unfortunately that has not happened to date, which is why it is still called for fans to be patient and hope Malwarebytes Portable but at some point realized yet.

With Malwarebytes Portable installation would be unnecessary

Until then, it is important to make do with the free or Pro version. With the free version, you get a reasonable protection against malware that supports your anti-virus program. With the free version, you merely have to press the "Scan" button and have your whole system is checked for malicious software. If the program finds malware, it lists them then (and stores all this information later in a separate text file) and gives you the ability to remove at one click. At the same time you can view the files in which and under which file path the malicious program is detected. So you can keep an accurate overview of where the programs originally came from.

The update feature

With a built-in update function designer is Malwarebytes sure you are safe even before newly discovered malware. Click the "Update" button, the program automatically connects to the malware server and downloads the latest files that you can be sure that they are protected from attacks by malicious programs.


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