tips, tricks and cheats for Android, iOS and PC tries to combine the mobile game of the 90's Snake, with the game principle of DOS Hits Curve Fever (Attention, curve!) And last year's hype of a So you can stay up to date, we have summarized some tips and tricks for you, which shall allow you a quick game started.

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The gameplay of is as simple as it may employ a fast for a few hours, once you get on a roll. With our beginners tips you will hopefully quickly boa and your opponents can successfully process for snake food. free to play Tips and tricks for survival

Slither.ioThe Very Hungry Caterpillar GIGAsatt at the beginning of their lives&# 8230;

The basic gameplay of's like, by seizing enlarge. Can you eat the little dots that are distributed on the field.

but to quickly gain size, you have to try the other snakes to Way to block, so that they collide with your snake body. then the enemy leaves a trail of illuminated dots that makes you grow strong. The other way you have of course all dodge opponents. 8230; and so her luminous appearance in ends

Unlike you've got to in not hide from larger rivals. Who cuts sent the way of the enemy with his snake body, can also do more snakes and so looking forward to a feast.

In the beginning, however, you should just like win once by eating the small dots on the field a bit in length to encircle enemy snakes.

Very important: Your own body is for you no obstacle is. So you can watch over your own tail wind, without dying.

If you press the left mouse button (PC) or two taps times the screen (Android & iOS), begins her sprint. This feature is very useful to get out of a tricky situation.

However, Sprint also has a decisive disadvantageThe longer you sprints, the shorter your body! So you can on the run from one to immigrating stranglehold of a large opponent quickly back to the initial size to shrink back.

slither.iodownloadQR codeslither.ioDeveloper: low-tech studiosPrice: Free slither.iodownloadQR codeslither.ioDeveloper: Steve Howse *Price: Free Are there any cheats?

As with any online game, of course, is also used in some point the question of whether there are cheats or hack. Normal cheats that has installed the developer are not yet known. As you unlock all skins, we tell you in this article: Skins: So you switched all skins free.

If you stumble on the Internet via hacks or cheats, where her something download shall, however, you should careful be. Often behind these offers only advertising or even malicious software. From such hacks you should so better stay away.

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Full order passed to the mucous now at Amazon - Slither* stuttering and performance problems

If jerky or just not quite running smoothly, which may be due to your browser. The developer recommends that you use the Chrome or Safari browser. Other browsers may cause problems that could not iron out the development team so far. More information can be found here: lag: Fix problems with stuttering &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s.

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