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Mortal Kombat X is the ultra brutal Beat &# 8216; em up series in its tenth round. In addition to the whole bone break and tear spinal course there are again plenty of trophies and achievements that you can unlock in the game. We show you who they are and give tips on the way to 100%.

Mortal Kombat X: All trophies and achievements - Guide and Tips 100%

Whopping 60 successes there in the new game of Netherrealm Studios (Injustice: Gods Among Us) to snag. The values ​​on PlayStation and Xbox vary, but the conditions always the same to unlock. Just look at the list below and paves the way by which you 100%.

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In the latest offshoot of the Mortal Kombat series a lot's inside. This is shown by the success of descriptions for trophies on PlayStation or success on the Xbox. With Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raven and other fighters you beat you around through the tower mode, decide for one of five fractions or contests online matches against friends.

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All trophies and achievements in Mortal Kombat X

successTrophy / Gamerscore
 03257_001Platinum TrophyPlatinum (only PS)
All Trophies unlocked
03257_002tower challengerBronze / 10
Complete from a single tower.
03257_004tower warriorsBronze / 25
Complete a Tower from every character.
 03257_004tower MasterBronze / 25
Lock up ten survivors towers.
 03257_005tower GodSilver / 25
Complete 50 living towers from.
 03257_006challenge accepted
Bronze / 10
Win a single tower challenge.
 03257_007 DAWG !!!Bronze / 10
Send a friend a tower challenge.
Bronze / 5
Achieve level 5 in any fraction.
 03257_009 Faction ChampionSilver / 25
Achieve level 50 in any fraction.
 03257_010no loyalty
Gold / 75
Achieve level 50 in all fractions.
 03257_011Leave the sinking ship
Bronze / 10
Join in all fractions.
 03257_012timingBronze / 10
Win a match by time.
 03257_013Keep it to yourself
Bronze / 25
Share a secret struggle in the living towers.
 03257_014statistical advantageBronze / 5
Look at the Kombat card.
 03257_015To the top
Bronze / 5
Reach a personal EP-Level of the tenth
 03257_016gods elderSilver / 50
Reach a personal EP-stage of the 65th
 03257_017 A new beginning
Bronze / 10
Lock up 50% of the story mode.
 03257_018There is a ruler
Bronze / 25
Lock up 100% of the story mode.
 03257_019Inner strength
Bronze / 10
Win a complete online match.
 03257_020regularBronze / 25
Win 100 full online matches.
 03257_021majestyBronze / 5
Win five full King of the Hill matches in Classic mode.
 03257_022to be king beautiful,
Bronze / 5
Win a complete King of the Hill match in classic mode.
 03257_023 show respect
Bronze / 5
Spread Respect points in a King of the Hill match.
 03257_024 respected fighters
Bronze / 25
Earn 1000 Respect points.
 03257_025terrible encounterBronze / 50
Compete against a beast in the crypt.
 03257_026I'm number one
Bronze / 10
Win a tower fight.
 03257_027steamrollerSilver / 25
Win five tower battles.
 03257_028 a challenger
Bronze / 10
Complete a tower fight.
 03257_029ironBronze / 5
Win a complete match in Survivor King of the Hill mode.
 03257_030blow fools
Bronze / 10
Have a complete winning streak of ten evaluated 1 vs. 1 matches.
 03257_031 In the dojo
Bronze / 5
Step into the Practice mode.
 03257_032unstoppableBronze / 50
Games 200 full online matches.
 03257_033That's how you do it
Bronze / 5
Lock up the tutorial.
 03257_034Conversely hewingBronze / 25
Land with every character a 10-hit combo.
 03257_035FINISH HIM
Bronze / 5
Am running in a match a Fatality.
 03257_036rollicking funBronze / 10
Make every character in a match a Fatality from.
 03257_037Pure power
Bronze / 25
Perform 100 Fatalities into the match.
 03257_038brutal end
Bronze / 5
Make a Brutality out.
 03257_039bleak future
Bronze / 25
Execute 50 Brutalities out.
 03257_040Until the doctor comes
Bronze / 25
Guide the X-ray of each character.
 03257_041masterBronze / 25
Win a single complete match with each character variant.
 03257_042Only a true master
Bronze / 25
Defeat an enemy with 90% health, while you have only 10% or less health.
 03257_043polymathBronze / 25
Use each character variant.
 03257_044bloodbathBronze / 10
Shed 1,000 measure blood.
 03257_045Blanche AdvantageBronze / 25
Verprügle someone with the old lady as level interaction.
 03257_046harakiriBronze / 10
Offer yourself as Kotal Kahn in a round himself and win the match.
 03257_047show me
Bronze / 5
Leg a new background image.
 03257_048symbolicallyBronze / 5
Leg a new icon.
 03257_049So boring
Bronze / 5
Leg new: black.
 03257_050jumping beanBronze / 5
Spring in a match 30 times.
 03257_051trollsBronze / 5
Duck down 30 times during a Fatality sequence.
 03257_052The parts of the wholeBronze / 5
Leg one background, symbol or bordering set to.
 03257_053May the luck be with meBronze / 10
Games seven complete Test your luck matches.
 03257_054The collectorBronze / 25
Turn 50 modifiers free for Adapted Kombat.
 03257_055discoBronze / 10
Create with Kotal Kahn a Sun Ray and change five times the attitude while standing in the beam.
 03257_056omnipotentBronze / 10
Complete a Test from your power tower.
 03257_057'm not dead yetBronze / 10
View all your Test your power of death.
 03257_058Stay where you areBronze / 5
Games a boss fight.
 03257_059YOU WILL DIESilver / 50
Add a total of 1000 results for during boss battles.
 03257_060INVASIONBronze / 10
Closing off an invasion tower.
 03257_061Can not stopBronze / 5
Win a 1 vs. 1 Invasion fight.

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