Payback collect on eBay: So klappts

If you shop at the grocery store, is often asked about the Payback card. Also online you have the opportunity to gain from selected retailers points for your desired reward. It is also possible for eBay to collect PAYBACK points.

Find out here the conditions under which their payback points you get on eBay and what you should consider when the points chase.

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collect Payback on eBay: You have to be aware

To use the points program at online retailers, proceed as follows:

  1. does not control eBay directly in the browser. To get credited points, you must first go to the respective action page of Payback, about which one is forwarded to the home page of eBay.
  2. Give a payback your number in the appropriate field. These can be found for. As printed on the customer card or in the contract documents.
  3. Click after entering the customer number to "shop now". This will open the website of eBay.
  4. At the same time a cookie is set, registered on the your browser that you have come across the Payback page, indicating the reference number on eBay. In order for the crediting of points smoothly, no Adblocker or other cookie-blocking should be used.
  5. You can now shop as usual on eBay. Points can be earned for both purchases of used and new items.

ebay payback

Going forward, eBay should be called via the corresponding Payback page to earn points. Purchases on eBay app or by references of other sites will not be considered.

Payback collect on eBay: So klappts

So Payback works on eBay

Currently you get credited for 2 € a turnover Payback point on eBay. However, the value of a purchase may not exceed lie at 2,000 €. Note that books and gold purchases are excluded from the credit. In addition, you should not be surprised you, if the points are credited immediately after the purchase on your account. In general, it can take up to five business days to payback points are registered under the eBay purchase.

Learn with us and whether we can collect Payback points on Amazon.


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