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PlayStation Network or PSN is short of the free online service of the electronics company Sony for the PlayStation third

Each owner of a PlayStation 3 at their installation needs to set up a valid account mandatory, can be stored on the then custom data. These data primarily includes the online ID, which can be enabled on up to five consoles simultaneously and can thus downloaded and purchased games and other content on multiple consoles simultaneously.

Who wants to have that certain something more for his PSN account, lies down to PlayStation Plus. The fee-based update of Networks includes Network games, minis and PlayStation One classics. In addition, thus it has premium avatars, dynamic themes, automatic downloads and Full Game Trial.

Center of the PlayStation Networks is the PlayStation Store, over its marketplace can buy simple and straightforward new games and content and download it. Furthermore, also demos and messages found on the latest developments in the gaming industry on PlayStation and Sony.

Are you passionate multiplayer player, then you come to a PlayStation Network account not around it. Because in order to be active online, you need an existing PSN account and an active internet connection.

PlayStation Network also stores about all your acquired in games trophies, indicating a manageable trophy room (digital) and linked to the corresponding games.

From April 20, the PSN for a long time was not available. This was due to a series of hacker attacks, the true masterminds could not be accurately determined until today. In the attack on the network were sometimes lost several million credit card information. The vulnerability is considered closed.


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