Austin Powers 4: “Yeah baby” to continue?

What yamen Bond can, Austin Powers was a long time. The lovingly crafted parody with something other agents brought it from 1997 to 2002 in three parts. Since "Austin Powers in Goldmember" It is, however, become quiet around the sharp agent. Is there still hope for "Austin Powers 4"?

In fact, it was shortly after the release of the third part statements that might suggest a continuation.

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Austin Powers 4: Roach and Myers were doing

Short-term plan was to produce an animated series as a sequel to "The Spy Who Shagged Me". HBO secured the rights. The project was never implemented after Myers had withdrawn from the plans.

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Austin Powers 4: "Yeah baby" to continue?© Concorde

Director Jay Roach and Mike Myers talk since 2005 repeatedly about a possible sequel. Specifically, the plans have so far, however, never. So Roach said in the summer of 2016 on Larry King to the question of a possible new part:

"I would say (...) when we find the right idea, certainly. Mike has allowed me to stage Austin Powers, and thus gives me the breakthrough, I will be always with you. "

Austin Powers 4: "Yeah baby" to continue?© Concorde

Austin Powers 4 is not yet in sight

Despite the statements made by Roach, however, a release from Austin-Powers-part 4 is in the stars. Mike Myers has largely withdrawn since the commercial flop "Love Guru" from the Hollywood business and most recently worked only on small projects that were close to his heart. Both the director of the first films and Mike Myers are still behind the sympathetic agents. In a fourth part of both would be there, but missing, like for example in Real Steel 2, a proper template.

Recent statements to continue to go back in the summer 2016th There hinted Myers that a new movie all about "Dr. to turn evil ". In addition, the father of secret agent should be addressed.

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