Simpler hack gives users free unlimited LTE Internet at T-Mobile

There are vulnerabilities that are easy to be too obvious detection from anyone and stuffed. By just one, a young high school student has provided free high-speed internet now. However, more incomprehensible how exactly he's done that.

Simpler hack gives users free unlimited LTE Internet at T-Mobile

The story of how Jacob Ajit free internet from T-Mobile "er-chop", currently going through Viral's network. Here, the student is also Virginia in the US only 17 years old and has not yet sure by far the skills of a professional hacker. But that was not even necessary for his method - rather a lot of experimentation and a little boredom.

Task: Internet access with no money

The Challenge: Jacob had found an old T-Mobile prepaid SIM card with no money and wanted to get up and running, without having to pay a single cent them again. The Internet connection is still made only introduced this being only to a portal of T-Mobile, was charged on this credit. A way to get this page in the browser around, there was not. So Jacob has tried a few apps.


The key: Speed ​​Testing

And indeed he could check on the Speed ​​Test app from Ookla speed of its connection without problems. After Jacob had now a research on how the app bit, it was clear that all information material to be downloaded for each in folders named "/ speed test" is provided on the servers. Because URLs are apparently never blocked with this element of T-Mobile, Jacob was finally "/ speed test" folder on its own servers create and download their content.


No hack - just an experiment

Finally, the highlight: Jacob is aimed at those same folders a proxy and deceptive T-Mobile thus before he would continue to check only the speed of its internet connection. In fact, he can surf at-each page in its 4G network now, however, without even charged his credit only one dollar.

Finally, Jacob makes it clear that he had no evil intentions and wanted to sneak No Free services - it had simply been an experiment. T-Mobile will have closed the gap in the meantime, has so far not yet ruled on the case.

Sources: medium TheNextWeb

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