Chromecast alternatives: Mozilla HDMI stick and Airtame – better than the original?

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Google has introduced last year with the Chromecast a small HDMI stick to stream media. But of course, the competition is not sleeping and is working on interesting Chromecast alternatives.

Chromecast alternatives: Mozilla HDMI stick and Airtame - better than the original?

Anyone who wants to transfer data from the mobile device and / or PC quickly and simply to a TV or a monitor that can fill in access to Google's Chromecast, connect it via HDMI and start streaming. However, if you prefer to use a device from another vendor for something (for example, because he missed certain features), will soon have at least two interesting competitors to choose from, bring themselves a few advantages.

Chromecast alternative Mozilla: Explicit content, fewer restrictions

mozilla-StickPicture: @ codepo8 (Twitter)

While Google distinct requirements concerning possible to be transmitted media has (for example, any sexual content, so no porn) handles Mozilla the whole thing obviously more open. Sure, nobody looks porn, but if someone's "Schmuddelfilmchen" about from research reasons, but would like to see on the big screen, Mozilla's HDMI stick with Firefox OS might represent the more interesting Chromecast alternative.

Also good: The Mozilla stick (now I always have to think mozzarella sticks) not only allows the transfer of xxx-content, but also supports Chromecast apps. Virtually a Chromecast alternative to testosterone so. What ever so everything else has the part on the box, you can read in this article. unfortunately so far is not yet known when the stick appearance is also about the price there is as yet no information.

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Chromecast alternative Airtame: more than just streaming

airtameImage: Airtame

Another very interesting alternative to Google's Chromecast is named Airtame. For the first time introduced in late 2013, this HDMI stick allows you to stream "each device on each monitor." Prerequisite is, of course, that these monitors, displays, televisions, projectors, etc. are equipped with a HDMI and USB port.

If these conditions are met, can be combined with Airtame the screen of a device on another duplicate, the desktop can be extended or split and also to stream from one device to another is possible. And again: content restrictions as the Chromecast there while obviously not.

As with Google's HDMI stick installing Airtame is simple. The stick is connected to the to be transmitted screen, via the USB cable, the part supplied with power. After that, the software must be installed on the computer or mobile device. There you can choose to stream to which Airtame, done.

So far Airtame as well as Mozilla's Chromecast alternative still in development stage, but interested parties can stick to already now pre-order. The downside: While Google's Chrome Cast costs only 35 euros, the price for Airtame at 99 dollars. For this, but the thing is more.

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