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In Word you can a box around text, images, pages or tables Insert and these elements visually enhance or distinguished from other components of the document. In this guide we show you how you have to proceed to insert a Word frame.

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When you add a border around an image, a text or a table in Word, the content falls much more in the eye. You can even add a single page a frame, for example, to indicate separately on the content. The same applies to text in your Word documents. You can select desired individual words, lines, or entire paragraphs and then framing. As the frame is to be simple or flashy, depends entirely on your needs.

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Create Word box around text, images and tables &# 8211; manual

Below, we show you how you insert a Word frame. The manual applies to Word 2016 and Word, 2013.

Include border around the text box: Word

Word text frame

  1. Selects a word, a line or a paragraph, and marks the spot
  2. Click Start in the menu bar and then click the arrow to the right of the frame icon.
  3. then selects the desired frame from the drop-down menu:
  4. The frame is inserted to the highlighted text.

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You can also adapt the text to the frame. so goes&# 8217; s:

Customize Word frameIn this menu, you can customize the text position the frame.
  1. After you have selected the text and found the basic shape for the Word-frame, you click again on the arrow next to the frame icon.
  2. then selects the Borders and Shading option at the bottom of the following drop-down menu.
  3. In the new dialog box finds its numerous options that you can set it for the frame, for example, Setting, style, color and width.

Tip: Make sure the box Apply for proper adjustment includes either text or paragraph. Just try out what works best for you.

Include border around image

You can also insert a frame around an image so that it stands out better. so goes&# 8217; s:

Word frame image

  1. Click on the picture in your document to select it.
  2. Then clicks on the Picture Tools tab format.
  3. then the desired Frame Selects the catalog image styles. If you want to show all styles, you just click on the Advanced button.

Create Word frame around side

To insert the frame around a single page you doing the following:

Word frame sideHere you can insert a page border and a border around the entire page.
  1. Click first on draft and then on margins.
  2. In the dialog box border and shading you can then make the frame:
  3. Selects the desired format of the frame with adjustment.
  4. Then clicks on the desired line style to format the frame.
  5. Now you click on the arrow under Color, and then choose a color for your frame of.
  6. Click then again on the arrow below width, and selects a frame width.
  7. If you möchet instead insert a clip art frame, click on the arrow under Effects, and then select a graphic for the frame of.
  8. Next, click the arrow under the Apply, and selects this section &# 8211; only first page.

Finished &# 8211; you have a frame around an entire page in Word added. If you have more questions, you read also with us, as you can paste it into Word watermarks and background image and edit it.

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